How to Find Hiking Buddies or Hiking Group?

It is inevitable to come into contact with outdoor activities at some point in your life. Even if you spend your life inside your home, playing video games or watching TV all the time, the chances are that you will come across a friend or acquaintance who will speak about some outdoor activity so vividly that you will become tempted to try it out.

For me, my first temptation to try out outdoor activities came when, on my social media profiles, I started noticing pictures of beautiful nature and landscapes and trails. I googled these trails and found that they were famous hiking trails that everyone could visit. Wanting to go and check them out, I wondered – should I go alone or do I need company?


More often than not, such outdoor experiences are better when you get to share them with someone. It could be a significant other or a family member. You might even find a hiking group or some hiking buddies that will join you on such trips. Once you find the right company, things will only start getting better!

But today’s guide will not be about hiking experiences and outdoor adventures. Instead, I will talk to you about how you can find a hiking buddy or a hiking group to join. I hope that once you read this guide, you will find the most incredible hiking company. So, let’s get right into it!

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How to Find Hiking Buddies?

As I mentioned before, hiking is always better when you get to share it with someone. But what happens if you do not know anyone interested in hiking? How do you find new hiking buddies?

If this is something that interests you, keep on reading. I will give you a detailed guide on finding the best hiking buddies before your next hike. Let’s get right to it!

Ask your friends

If you are lucky enough, at least one of your friends will show some interest in joining you on your next hike. Even if they have never hiked before, you can get into hiking together. So, the first thing you should do is ask your closest friends if they would like to hike or have ever hiked before. The chances are that someone will want to join you.

Make new connections

If none of your friends show any interest in hiking, you do not have to worry. There is always the option to ask around and find people that are hikers to meet up with. This could be a great way to make new connections, start communicating with people outside your current circle of friends.

You will find that connecting with people with the same interest is a great thing to do, especially if you meet someone already experienced in hiking! You can learn a lot from them – what hiking gear you need, what trails you must visit, and so on. You can even use them as motivation to get into a better physical shape and take on more serious hikes.

Frequent popular trails and meeting places

If you still do not know any hikers and no one can introduce you to some, there is another thing you should consider. You can always get informed about popular trails or outdoor clubs that you can visit. There, you are bound to find some hiking buddies.

More often than not, there are outdoor classes that you can join. There, you are bound to connect with some other outdoor enthusiasts. If you find such a class by any chance, I urge you to join it and try to get the most of it.

If classes are not an option for you, you can always visit trails or parks where you know hikers gather. There might be some local coffee shops that hikers often visit. These are all great places where you can find a hiking buddy but also have fun! It is a win-win situation either way.

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How to Find Hiking Group?

Finding a hiking group is as important as having hiking buddies. When you think of it - the two are even related. Your hiking buddies can help you join a hiking group, or you and your hiking buddies can make your hiking group!

Let’s say that you are still not ready to be a group leader and you only want to join a hiking group – that is okay too! Here are some great ways to find a hiking group that you can join!

Social media groups

With social media being so popular nowadays, there are many people who use social media groups to connect with potential hiking buddies. I know as the fact that there are a ton of hiking groups one can join. It is completely free and very easy to join such a group.

You can use your Facebook profile to find a hiking group. You should use the search bar to search for hiking groups and the place where you currently live. Within a few seconds, you will see all available information in front of you!

If there is a hiking group in your location, you should join it. Check the rules of the group to make sure that you do not make mistakes or offend anyone. You should even consider writing an introductory post saying – Hi, I am new here, and I am looking for some fellow hikers who would like to join me on my next hike!

Social media events

If things do not work out with the social media groups, you can also search for social media events. When an organization shares its planned events online, they usually include information on the trail, physical fitness level required, hiking gear needed, and so on. So, you should wait for a hike suitable for beginners to make your entrance.

Also, make sure that the event is open to everyone. If it is for one specific hiking group, you should contact the organizer and see if they would allow you to join. Be respectful in your message and state your desire to join their event and hiking group. Who knows, that might be your way into the group!

Benefits of Hiking with Buddies or a Group

Hiking is the type of activity that you can do either alone or with some buddies. On different days, you might feel a different way about having company on your hikes. Even if you are not interested in having hiking partners, there are a few reasons why you might need them. Here are the benefits of hiking with hiking friends:


When you are hiking with a partner, you can feel safer. Most hiking trails are located outside of the city, in remote areas where there is no one around. If your hike requires you to go through some mountain wood area, you might even come across some wild animals.

In any of these situations, it could be smart to have someone with you. Especially if your hiking partners have more experience - they can help you avoid dangerous situations or escape them with ease!


Hiking in rough terrain can sometimes lead to certain injuries. What happens if you are hiking alone and you have an accident? Or what if you end up stuck somewhere with no food or water?

To avoid putting yourself in such situations, I recommend finding a hiking buddy that will come on the hike with you. That way, in case anything bad happens or you have an accident, you have someone to help you, someone you can rely on.

Close bonds and memories

For me, my love of hiking was more than going to a trail. It was more about the people you get to meet along the way and the bonds and memories you form with them. Today, some of my closest friendships are with like-minded people that I met while hiking – and it could be the same for you!

Trust me; the hiking community is so warm, so open to new people that you will love every moment you spend with hikers. The bonds and memories you make while hiking will stay with you forever. So, even if you are fonder of hiking alone, consider joining a group at least once in a blue moon!

Benefits of Hiking Alone

After reading the previous section, I am pretty sure some of you will be convinced to go hiking with a group or a partner. Yet, there are those days when it is better to go hiking solo. I have found great benefits from seldom doing that, and I want to share them with you!

No one holds you back

One of the reasons I like hiking alone sometimes is because I can challenge myself more. There is no one to hold me back, no one to disagree with me on anything. If I want to hike all day, I can do that for sure. If I do not feel like hiking, I can always turn back and go home whenever I want to.

When you hike alone, you can make the hike as long as you want. You can take whatever hike you want or change your mind and do something completely different. That is not possible if you choose to hike with a group. Then, you need to compromise and negotiate with your hiking friends on what the hike will be like.

You become more independent

What a lot of people misinterpret about hiking is that it is nothing more than hiking. But hikers know how much thought and planning even the simples hiking trip requires. When you are planning on hiking alone, you have no one but yourself to rely on, and thus, you need to plan everything out!

Hiking alone means that there will be no one to help you with anything. No one to take or give you anything. No one to bother you, but also no one to talk to you if you get lonely. These types of hikes take some getting used to but can also be a great way to re-connect with your inner self and clear your mind.


If there is anything that you can take from this guide, it should be that finding a hiking company is not that hard. Nowadays, outdoor activities are very popular, and there are a ton of people who would love to include you on their next trip. So, take some time to connect with people, and I have no doubt you will find yourself the best hiking group!

Make sure that you also go over the benefits of solo hikes and group hikes. These are things that can be crucial to the success of your hike, so do not overlook them!

Let me know in the comments if you found this guide insightful and if it helped you get into the world of hiking without any problems. I cannot wait to read all about your experiences!

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