Things to Do While Camping Alone – 5 Great Activities For You

Every experienced camper knows that all types of camping can be enjoyable. Whether you are solo camping or group camping, car camping or RV camping, or you are camping in the wilderness with nothing but a tent. These are all great ways to get out of the house and have an adventure of a lifetime!

After camping with friends or family, you will want to try camping solo for sure. When you come to that stage, you will wonder whether a solo camping trip is a good idea or not. Should you go camping alone and if you do, what can you do as entertainment while being on the trip?

I have got you covered on all these topics. This guide will include many great camping ideas that you have to try out when camping solo. So, if you are ready to learn more about these ideas, keep on reading!


Why Should You Go Camping Alone?

I know that it can be very fun to go camping with more people, whether they are your friends or your family. That is a great way to explore the great outdoors. But you might be surprised by how enjoyable it can be to camp solo.

Once you embrace the idea of camping, you will see the true beauty of it. You will start coming up with ideas that you never thought you could do when camping with a group. Here are only a few of the reasons that I recommend you try camping alone:

You get to enjoy nature more

When you are camping with other people, the chances are that you have certain activities planned. You have a schedule that you have to go by. That schedule might not always contain activities that you like to do.

What happens if you want to sit around and enjoy nature all day long? You might not get on the same page about that if you are with other people. But, if you are alone, you will be able to enjoy nature without any interruptions.

Yes, when there is no one to talk to or nothing to do, you will connect to your surroundings more. When you start camping alone, you will find that you get to enjoy nature that much more.

You learn to rely on yourself

When going on a camping trip, there are many things that you need to take with you. Depending on how long that trip is, you have to take the right gear, enough food, enough water, insect protection. At the same time, you will need to hunt or fish or light a fire all by yourself.

You might not know how to do these things by yourself. Once you start hiking alone, you will have to pick up the skills to do all these things and even more. There will be no one else to rely on, so you will have to rely on yourself.

You do things at your own pace

There is a good chance that someone in your camping group is in better shape or someone in bad shape. When hiking with people who are not at your physical level, you will have to adjust to their level. They will either slow you down or make you go faster.

Whatever the case, this can be very uncomfortable, especially if you are not planning on staying in one spot, so you have to hike. If you want to end this problem, you will have to start camping alone!

I bet that once you start doing solo camping trips and hiking trips, you will find these activities to be that much more pleasurable. Going at your own pace is a great thing!

You push yourself more

When planning a camping trip, you have to do research beforehand. You can find out whether you can reach the campsite by car or if there is some hiking involved. Then, you will have to think about the load that you will carry by yourself.

You might not think that you can do these things, but trust me – you can! You are stronger than you think. Once you start camping alone, you will begin pushing yourself to be better and do more. There is nothing better than pushing yourself to become a better version of who you are!

You forget your worries

It is only you and your thoughts. There is nothing else that you will have to worry about when camping alone. You will focus on your adventure and on having a good time, leaving all the worries behind.

Sometimes, everyday life can become tough and demanding. Work, school, family, society – these things ask a lot of us. So, it is sometimes nice to escape from them and enjoy some me-time, no muss no fuss!

Things To Do While Camping Alone

Things I Suggest To Do While Camping Alone

Solo camping can be an excellent opportunity to do all the things you have wanted to do but have never been able to. There is no one to stop you, slow you down, tell you no. Everything depends on you, so you have to make the experience enjoyable.

When exploring nature or your campsite, there are quite a few things that you can do. Most of them do not take any special preparation, experience, or gear.

You can always go with the things you want to do, but if you do not have any ideas, I will help you out with that. Here are a few great things that you should try on your solo trips:

Improve your skills

As I mentioned before, you can use a solo camping trip to improve all the skills you need to have a successful camping trip. You can improve your campfires or the way you light them. You can take up fishing or even work on setting your camp faster.

There are endless skills that you need to camp alone. From gathering firewood to keeping wild animals away from you, you will be able to improve in all these areas and many more!

Cook your favorite food

When camping with someone else, you have to compromise on the meals you cook while on the trip. When camping alone, you do not have to eat food that you do not like. You can cook anything you want and catch dinner whenever you want!

Food gives you the energy and strength you need, so you must have good meals while camping or hiking. Make sure that you take the gear required to cook a meal. Also, make sure that you store the food in a secure spot away from your camp because you do not want to have bears circling your tent at night!

Explore and take photos

Nature can be mesmerizing. No matter how many times you visit a campsite, I bet that you will find something new and exciting to look at each time. You can try visiting the same camp in different seasons and see how much it changes in each one of them.

Of course, you should take photos while doing that. That way, even when you are home or at work, you can look at the photos and let your mind wander off right to the campsite. Exploring a campsite and taking photos can also be a great way to connect with your creative side.

Meet new campers along the way

Camping solo does not mean that you cannot meet new people along the way! If you are going to a well-known campsite, you might come across some people there. The same goes for vising places where you have not camped before.

This is a great option for those who do not have any hiking or camping buddies. Connecting with like-minded people is great. Who knows, you might even get yourself invited to a camping trip!

Try swimming or hiking

Going on a camping trip does not mean staying at your campsite for the whole duration of your trip. You will be surprised by how many things you can do – hiking and swimming are two great suggestions!

Depending on which activity you like more, you can try it out. You can do whatever you want – there are no limitations in the wilderness. Make the most of the long day you have ahead of you, and you are bound to have a good time!

Entertain Myself Solo Camping

How Do I Entertain Myself Solo Camping?

Some people who have not been camping solo before might think that it is a boring way to explore. We are all different, and we enjoy other things. But I still believe that a person who loves the great outdoors and enjoys spending time in nature will find the trip entertaining.

If you plan on going on your first solo trip, I want to share with you several great ways to keep yourself entertained on the trip. You might not even need them, but keep them in the back of your mind just in case!

Try sunbathing

If you are going camping in the summer, there is nothing better than enjoying the sun on your trip. After a good swim or hike, you can soak in the sun. Let it get in your skin and your hair. I bet that you will love it!

The good thing about camping alone is that you can sunbathe in the nude! No tan lines necessary – you can enjoy a full-body tan without any lines!

Try yoga or meditation

A positive life comes from a positive mind, and what better way to clear out your thoughts than by meditation. I love yoga and meditation! They are great for relaxing both the mind and the body.

If you have never tried yoga before, you do not have to worry! You can replace yoga with some stretching. Listen to your body, and it will tell you what it needs. Whatever you do, you are bound to feel better afterward!

Watch the sunrise or the sunset

Something that you have to do while camping is to watch the sunrise and the sunset. The colors that you will see are unlike anything else. No picture can ever replace the feeling of seeing this with your own eyes, believe me!

Sacrifice a bit of sleep to get up extra early and watch the sunrise. It should take place anywhere from 4 to 5 am, depending on the season you are camping. The same goes for the sunset, so make sure to check the estimated sunrise and sunset times!

Watch the clouds or the stars

After you catch the sunrise, you can spend some time watching the clouds. They make all kinds of shapes – some fun, some that will remind you of a beloved pet or something different. If you are not feeling like doing anything special, spend some time watching the clouds.

Another idea is to enjoy the night sky with all its stars. You can look for the constellations or wait for a falling star. You will be glad you did it afterward.

Get in touch with your creative side

Finally, a solo camping trip is a great way to get in touch with your inner artist. You can try drawing or painting. You can take photos or play your favorite music while going for a short walk.

If you are into music, you can even try practicing an instrument. Since you are alone, no one will mind even if you do not play it that well!

Another thing you can do is try to write something. It can be a personal diary, a poem, a story – anything you want it to be, anything you are inspired to write. A camping trip is what you need to get past your writer's block.

Is Camping Alone Boring?

Camping is never boring! Whether you do it alone or with someone, I always say that it is a great way to escape everyday life. You get to exercise your body and mind, you get to clear your thought, and you get to experience life and nature in such a unique way.

For me, activities like camping are a real godsend. Camping alone takes some getting used to. It also requires you to have certain skills. But once you have that covered, you will have a great time whenever you go camping!

I hope that this guide helped you learn a lot of valuable activities that you can try on your next solo trip. Let me know in the comments if you have other great ideas that I should include next time. I cannot wait to read all about it!

Andrew Mullen

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