Find Your Perfect Fit: The Ultimate Guide to How Teva Sandals Should Fit

Teva sandals are very famous, and there is a good reason for that. They are super comfortable, have a fantastic fit, and come in various designs, colors, and what else not. You can never go wrong with a pair of Teva sandals. They are great for everyday walking, hiking, and white water rafting!

When I bought Tevas for the first time, I had some difficulties with the sizing. To be honest, all those straps confused me, but the sandals' size did as well. I thought they should fit as all my regular shoes would, but I could not be more wrong. Sandals demand special attention when it comes to the fit, the length of the straps, the shape of the sole, and so much more.

I have a guide that can help anyone fit perfectly in a pair of Teva sandals. No matter what your gender or your age is, you can use this guide to fit your Teva sandals to perfection. So, let’s get into the guide and see what you should know about these sandals before getting your first pair!


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Do Teva Sandals Run Big or Small? How Teva Sandals Should Fit?

As mentioned before, Teva offers a wide range of sandals that come in various sizes. On the company’s official website, you can find a comprehensive chart that gives the length of the sandal. You can use that measurement to cross-check the length and width of your feet.

When it comes to the fit of Teva sandals, they usually run true to size. You will not find a significant difference between the size of your other shoes and the size of Teva sandals that fit your feet. But then again, sandals fit a bit differently than regular shoes.


My recommendation is for you to measure your feet before buying some sandals. The best way to do that is by measuring them on a piece of paper. Here is how you can do that:

  • Step 1- Take a piece of paper and draw a straight line on it. The line should be a bit longer than your foot.
  • Step 2 – Place that piece of paper on the ground and put your foot on it. Place the foot on the straight line, aligning the line with your largest toe. Then, use a pen to mark your largest toe and heel on the line.
  • Step 3 – Take the piece of paper and measure the distance that you have marked. That distance will show how long your foot is. Using that, you can check Teva’s chart and see which size sandal would be best for you!

As you can see, it is very easy to check what the perfect size sandal would be for you. Still, I would like to add a few other pointers that you should consider before measuring your feet. These pointers will come in handy when you need to decide on the size of your sandal:

  • Measure both feet – You might not know this, but feet tend to be slightly different in length. This is why I recommend that you measure both your feet and go by the length of the longer one. You can also measure both the length and width of the feet to ensure that the sandal would fit well in both cases.
  • Measure feet in the afternoon – After walking or hiking all day long, the feet tend to swell up. This usually happens in the afternoon, which is why I recommend that you measure your feet then. It will help you determine the size of the feet when swollen, and that will help you decide which size sandal you should go with. Remember that you should be able to wear sandals even when your feet are swollen!
  • Measure feet while standing up – I also recommend that you measure your feet while standing up. That will help you come up with more accurate, more precise measurements. Have someone help you with the measuring if you cannot do it yourself.

If you follow all these things that I have mentioned, I do not doubt that you will find the perfect style and size footwear for yourself. The pointers will also help you avoid size issues with sandals and all other types of shoes. So, keep these things in mind!

How Do I Know What Size My Teva Is? Teva Sandals Size Up or Down?

There are several ways to check the size of your Teva sandals. The obvious one is to check if your sandals have a mark that reveals their size as most shoes do. Another thing that you can do is check the box that the sandals come in to see their size.

If you, for some reason, do not have the box of the sandals and they do not have a mark on them, there is another thing that you can do. I mentioned before that the company has a chart listing all their sizes. You can find charts for women’s shoes, men’s shoes, children’s shoes, as well as some other combined charts. If you want to find out the size of your sandals, you can measure and cross-check them with these charts.

What you should be aware of is that Teva offers sandals in full sizes and half sizes. If you find that your foot's length falls into a half-size category, it could be a good idea to move half-size up. The extra room will make you feel comfortable and allow you to add a sock if you need to.

I do not recommend going with half-size smaller sandals unless you find that the straps are too wide for your feet. In that case, you can check to see if the smaller sandals fit your feet well. Under no circumstance should your longest toe be hanging out of the sandal. This is a sign that that size is too small for you.

Also, avoid getting sandals that are bigger. If you find that your feet can slide in the sandal even with the straps adjusted to fit your feet, the chances are that the sandal is too big for you. Those sandals will not make you feel comfortable, will hurt your feet, and will lead you to get a new pair sooner than you would want to!

Are Men And Women Tevas The Same

Are Men And Women Tevas The Same?

While Teva does offer some unisex models, most of their sandals are divided into one of four groups. They provide separate models for women, men, kids, and toddlers. These groups can help you find the perfect sandals for yourself more easily.

The most significant difference between the sandals for men (you can check most popular Teva models on Amazon) and sandals for women is not in the design. It is the size of the straps and the design of the sole that makes them different.

As you might have noticed, Teva sandals are great for wide or narrow feet. The company creates slightly wider sandals for men, while their narrow models are more suitable for women (Check most popular Teva models for women on Amazon). Yet, all their models have unique soles that are thick and provide proper support.

Also, the company creates sandals with longer straps for men and a bit shorter straps for women because women’s feet tend to be narrower and smaller. Most of their models have Velcro straps, and some come with an extra toe strap, while some do not have that strap.

The most important strap of the sandals is the ankle strap – you need that strap to fit well so that the ankle gets enough support and protection. So, when buying a pair of these sandals, make sure that you adjust all the straps and check if they fit well.

Are Teva Sandals Worth The Money?

Whether you think Teva sandals are worth the investment or not depends on your experience with them. All people do not feel comfortable in sandals – that might lead them to say that the sandals are not suitable for their feet. At the same time, you can find people who love Tevas and who cannot bring themselves to take the Tevas off.

So, it depends on the particular person. I recommend that you put all the comments aside and try the sandals for yourself. You are the only person who will know whether you feel comfortable in the sandals or not. I say that these sandals fit me well and are worth the money.

Even if you get a pair of Tevas that are more expensive, think about all the benefits that you can get from them. Here are some of the benefits that you should keep in mind:

They are versatile and waterproof

These sandals are so stylish that you can wear them on all occasions. It can be for everyday use, walks in the park, going out in the town, hiking, or other outdoor activities. Since the sandals are waterproof, you can choose to walk in the water with them as well!

They have quality soles

Among the other benefits, I have to mention that most pairs of Tevas come with great arch support and a quality sole. That means you will feel comfortable even if there are jagged rocks underfoot. The soles have great shock absorption, and they will relieve your feet from the acute pressure other footwear will cause you.

They have adjustable straps

Yet another benefit you can get from these sandals is the adjustable straps that keep your feet protected and in one place while you walk. Your feet will feel free from the shackles of regular footwear, but they will also feel protected thanks to the Velcro straps. Keep in mind that you need to adjust the straps again if you wear socks with the sandals.

They are affordable and durable

Finally, you should know that most Teva sandals are very affordable and durable. That means that you invest in them once and wear them for years. This goes for all their shoes and not only the sandals – you can check out their boots, as well as their flip-flops!

Chaco Sandals

Which Is Better Chaco or Teva?

My personal opinion is that Tevas are a bit better than Chacos when it comes to comfort, versatility, and durability. Both types of sandals are affordable, so you can give both of them a chance before deciding which ones you like best!

I am going with Tevas on this one because, as a hiker, I find them to offer more comfort, more protection to the feet, and more support. They never blister my feet, no matter how long I wear them. Even if I go hiking all day long, I will come home with feet that feel great!

That is not something that I can say about Chacos, especially when it comes to blistering. Chacos tend to blister feet quickly and easily, so you have to wear socks with them if you want to protect the feet. If they blister even after doing that, you should check to see if your straps are adjusted in the right way.

Finally, I can point out that it will come down to your preference on which type of sandal you end up going with. Both have their benefits and their downsides, so choose wisely!


Teva or Chaco For Wide Feet?

Short answer: Yes, Teva sandals are much better for wide feet. In this forum you can check that many users told that Teva is perfect option for people with wide feet. 


Thank you for reading through this guide on Teva sandals. I hope you learned a lot of valuable information on the benefits of these sandals, how they should fit, and how to get the perfect size for your feet.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any previous experience with this type of sandals or if you are yet to buy a pair of Tevas. I would love to get your thoughts on them and which kind of Tevas you like best. Do not hesitate to share your true experience and help others that are still thinking about getting a pair of these sandals!

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