There’s a world of wild beauty on your doorstep that’s just waiting to be discovered and explored.

Shaped by nature and time, the forests, trails, and mountains of America hold a deep and resonating allure that it’s almost impossible to ignore. All of the beauty of the country that we all love, and its wide-open plains and vistas are ours, we just need to find the time to visit them.

Hi, I’m Andrew Mullen, and my love of the great outdoors began when my grandfather and father used to take me with them on camping trips when I was young. We used to venture into the woods and after a long day of hiking, set up camp, and late at night around the fire.

I’d eagerly listen to the stories that they told me about their lives and the history of our great nation. It’s a tradition that I’ve carried on now that I’m the proud parent of three boys - and we pack our backpacks and head out into the wilderness whenever we can.

Because life can get crazy and it’s challenging to find time for yourself and your family, I thought I’d share my passion for camping and hiking with you in the hope that maybe you’ll follow a similar path, find your own adventures and share them with your family and friends.

I hope that you enjoy this site and find it inspiring and who knows, maybe we’ll bump into each other on a campsite somewhere in the wilderness and share a story or two.

Andrew Mullen