3 Season vs. 4 Season Tent – Let’s Find The Difference!

I am an enormous enthusiast when it comes to just about anything connected to the great outdoors. I love nature, hiking, backpacking, and camping.

However, I have to admit that I had to learn some of the lessons the hard way when it comes to camping and backpacking!

Are you wondering what I mean by that?

Well, there was a time long ago when I took a 4-season tent on a camping trip in the middle of August, and let’s say things got a bit heated.

Back then, I did not know that there were different types of tents and that they are not all suitable for all-year camping. But you have to learn somehow, am I right?!

I would hate for you to make the same mistakes I did, so I will give you this friendly little guide on everything you have to know. 

This guide will discuss the differences between 3-season and 4-season tents, what they are all about, and which one you need to get for your next trip.

If you are not a camping pro and you still have many things to learn about tents, I would advise that you pay as much attention as possible to what I have to say.

If you do, I can guarantee that you will be fully prepared for all your upcoming trips, and you will even be able to show off your knowledge before your travel buddies!


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What’s The Difference Between a 3 Season and 4 Season Tent?

There are a few differences between the 3-season and 4-season tents, the biggest one being the seasons during which you can use them.

You might think that the name clears that out, but there are some misconceptions about the terms, especially regarding the 4-season tents.

Three-season tents are the ones that should be used from spring right into summer and well into the fall as well. Usually, these tents can withstand some rain and wind while also suitable for colder and hot weather.

On the other hand, there are four-season tents that should be used only during winter weather. They are created specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions, including freezing weather, heavy snow, and high winds.

If you are an inexperienced camper or you are fonder of car camping, it is understandable that you might think the four-season tents are meant for camping during all four seasons.

There isn’t a rule that states you must carry the 4-season tent or winter trips only, but that is recommended for several reasons.

First of all, the four-season tents are made from thicker material, and they do not have proper ventilation. This means that you will be extremely hot if you sleep in such a tent during the summer. 

Secondly, these tents are much heavier than three-season tents so taking them everywhere might not be such a good idea.

With that being said, once you learn to make the distinction between the two, you will know exactly which type of tent you need for your trips, so there is no harm or foul in understanding these things!

tent in winter

What Temperatures are 3 Season Tents Good for?

I would recommend using a 3-season tent on all your trips from the beginning of spring right until the middle of fall or maybe even the end of the fall, depending on how cold the weather gets in your country.

The 3-season tents are not created to withstand harsh weather. Three-season tents can certainly not be used as winter tents because they will not stand a chance against the wind and heavy snow – the chances are that they will start leaking or even go down within minutes of the first strong winds.

However, a 3-season tent can be perfect for camping during the remaining three seasons. The tent is made from breathable, lightweight fabric, usually, mesh, that will not heat fast during the summer. It also has good ventilation.

In addition, this type of tent usually is relatively lightweight, has an easy setup, and can be easily packed. The poles used for it are thinner, while the tent itself is often double-walled so that it can offer you some protection against wind and rain.

Finally, I can say about 3 season tents that are much more affordable than the 4 season tents. If you are not planning on camping in extreme weather conditions, you will be just fine if you invest in a tent that is only suitable for three seasons.

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What Temperatures are 4 Season Tents Good for?

I would recommend using a four-season tent on winter camping trips. This type of tent is suitable for extremely low temperatures with high winds and heavy snow, maybe even some heavy rain.

If you are planning on camping during the winter, having this type of tent is a necessity. Yes, they come at a higher price than the 3-season tents, but they are worth every penny. Let me tell you why!

You can expect a 4-season tent to be made from thicker, heavier fabrics, while the poles that come with it are also sturdier. The tent usually does not have any windows, but there are some ventilation flaps on it.

From the steep walls to the heavy fabric – this type of tent has a more challenging setup, while it does not pack so quickly. If you are planning on taking a tent such as this one to your next trip, you should be prepared for the extra weight that will come with it.

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Are 4 Season Tents Worth It?

After what I have said so far, I think that it is pretty clear 4-season tents are entirely worth it if you are a person who is open to the idea of camping during the winter. It is quite a magnificent experience to camp in the winter – there is nothing better than getting up in the morning and looking at the endless white horizon all around you.

But, you will need much more than just a good tent for winter camping. You will have to get proper equipment, warmer clothes, and a good pair of boots that will keep your feet from freezing. The tent might even be the least of your worries, but it is still a necessary part of the trip.

Recently, many companies have started creating excellent 4-season tents, so you will have no problem finding just the right one. They might not be as versatile as the 3-season tents, but they still come in many sizes and designs.

If you invest in a 4-season tent, think of all the possibilities that will come with it. If you are a hiker, you will be able to take this tent with you when you climb all the high mountains that have light snow all year round. So, you will be doing yourself a favor by buying one, it seems.

Can You Use a 4 Season Tent in the Summer?

It is always an option to take a 4-season tent with you on a summer camping trip, although I am not sure how good of an idea that is. You will undoubtedly have a shelter, but the conditions in your shelter might not be satisfactory.

Four-season tents do not have proper ventilation needed for summer days to get very hot very fast. The fabric is made to withstand the worst weather conditions, so you can guess how thick the material and how steep those walls can be.

On the other hand, having a three-season tent during summer camping trips is the best. The tent will have waterproof but breathable material, and it will be pretty comfortable even for hotter or mildly cold nights. Now, this is a shelter that I would like to try out!

So, if you are more into camping in warmer weather, I would suggest investing in a 3-season tent. It is always a good idea to have both tents available and use them as needed, but if you do not have the funds to buy both, I will go for the suitable one for three seasons instead of only one.


Tents are the perfect camping shelter if you ask me. Check the weather when planning your next trip and then decide which type of tent you will need.

In typical weather conditions, you will need to take a 3 season tent with you. If your weather forecast says there is a possibility for rain, light snow, or heavier snow, then you need that 4 season winter tent. Checking the weather in a situation like this can be crucial!

Well, that is all you need to know about three-season and four-season tents, their standard features, and the temperature you should use them in. With this knowledge, you can help plan trips that will forever be remembered as the best outdoor adventures ever!

Andrew Mullen

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