What To Wear Hiking Date?

Most outdoor enthusiasts will agree with me when I say that hiking dates are the best kind of dates. Taking someone on a stroll in nature can tell you a lot about them. You can see how they behave in nature and around animals, whether they know how to preserve nature or not, whether they enjoy being in that surrounding or not, and so on.

These are things that you need to know about the person you want to date. Imagine if you are someone who loves hiking and they do not want ever to leave the house. That would be an obstacle in the relationship and could even determine its future! So, it is a great way to get to know someone by sharing your interests with them!


I am an experienced hiker and have been hiking for years. Having a supportive partner who wants to be alongside me whenever I go on hikes is a real game-changer for me. Sharing that love for nature with my partner makes the relationship even more enjoyable!

If you have a crush on someone and you want to see if they share your love towards the great outdoors, there is nothing better than taking them hiking as your first date. Let’s see what you would wear on that hike once you set the date!

What Should I Wear On a Hiking Date

What Should I Wear On a Hiking Date?

If you decide to take someone hiking on a first date, it is safe to assume that you have been hiking before. But what if you are the one being asked on the hike and you have never been on one before? Do you wing it or do you need to know certain things before the hike?

Let me tell you this – you should always be honest with your crush and tell them if you have or do have hiking experience. If you do not, they can help you decide what to wear and what to avoid, how much water or snacks to pack, and some other important things. But if you are shy and do not want to tell your crush that you do not know what to wear on a hike, I am here to help you out with that!

Comfortable Shoes

Whether you are a boy or a girl, there are a few things that you have to wear when going hiking. Comfortable shoes are the most important thing. If you are going on a short day hike, you can take your regular sports shoes. If you are going on a more serious hike, you will need proper hiking boots to cover your ankles for more support.

Underpants and Socks

You might laugh when I tell you this, but I learned the hard way that you need to take comfortable underpants and socks. Wearing too tight underpants might lead to serious pain in the groin area. Also, wearing short, thin socks can cause blistering on your feet. So, wear loose underpants or boxer briefs as well as some hiking socks.


Next on the list are the pants – again, they should be as comfortable as possible. If it is summer, you can even wear a pair of yoga pants or regular cotton shorts. If it is winter, you might be better off wearing waterproof hiking pants with a base layer underneath.


Even more important is the type of shirt you wear on a hike. If possible, you should take moisture-wicking shirts. You might be thinking that these shirts are too sporty, but most of them are form-fitting so that they will show off your body. On top of them, you can add a sweater, light jacket, or winter jacket, depending on the weather you are hiking in.

Sun Protection

If your hiking date takes place during the summer, you should also take a cap to protect your head from the sun. You can replace the cap with a head bandana or scarf if you prefer them instead of caps. But remember always to keep your head protected!

Protection From the Cold

If the hiking date takes place during the winter, you should take with you a beanie, some waterproof or warm gloves, and a scarf as well. You know what they say – the warmer, the better!


There are a lot of other things that you can take with you on a hike. For example, you can take a backpack with a water bottle, some snacks, a rain jacket just in case, and a change of clothes. Hiking is an activity that often gets people sweaty, so you will not want to spend the whole date wearing only one sweaty shirt in front of your crush!

What to Wear On a Hiking Date Girl?

If you are a girl and you want to look as cute as possible in front of your crush, there are several ways to do that. First of all, you need to understand who you are going on a date with. If your crush loves hiking and being in nature, the chances are that they will not mind if you skip the dress and high heel shoes. They will find you cute if you wear sports clothes all the time!

I would recommend that you be as cute as possible with the clothes but stay comfortable at the same time. This means wearing a moisture-whisking shirt that will dry fast, adding some hiking pants or yoga pants depending on the season, and wearing shoes that will protect your feet and ankles.

If you do not have any quick-dry clothes, you can try looking for cheap ones to buy. You can also use a regular shirt you have at home. A cotton one will be a good choice, but you need to know that cotton absorbs sweat and water. This means that it will take a lot longer to dry this type of shirt or pants.

While you can replace the dry-fit shirt with a cotton one, you must never replace hiking pants with jeans! Jeans are a big no-no when it comes to hiking. They will not feel comfortable and will only make you sweat, so steer clear of them!

What to Wear On a Hiking Date Guy?

If you are a guy and your crush asked you on a date, you can always choose the perfect outfit to impress them. Guys tend to wear many sporty, comfortable clothes, so no special preparation is needed for them.

You should choose between a regular t-shirt and a long sleeve t-shirt, depending on the weather in which you are planning on hiking. If you are hiking during summer, wear light-colored clothes so as not to attract sun rays. If you are hiking during winter, your jacket will come first, and under it, you can wear a sweater or a base layer.

As for pants, you can choose between shorts and long pants. Short pants are great for summer hikes but are not suitable for hikes in grassy areas. You might rub on some plants accidentally and irritate your skin, while bugs might also bite you on the legs.

Long pants from breathable waterproof material are the perfect type of pants to wear on a hiking date. If the weather is colder, you can replace them with thick hiking pants that are also waterproof.

As for the shoes, always wear a pair of old shoes with some good socks. Wearing new shoes without breaking them in first might cause blistering on your feet. So, either take some regular sneakers or a pair of high hiking boots.

first date in the woods

Is Hiking a Good First Date Idea?

This answer depends on who your crush is and how much they are into the idea. Some people do not want to experience nature in that way, and that is completely fine. Going hiking on any day is not a good idea for that type of person, let alone doing that on a first date.

If you know that your crush is into nature, camping, and similar activities, going hiking on your first date is going to be a great idea. Even if they have never been hiking before, the chances are that they will love the challenge and the experience. They might even like you more for making the suggestion!

You should take the time to assess your crush and their interests before suggesting a hiking date as a first date. Go over their social media photos and see if they have ever done any activities like hiking. You can also be upfront with them and ask them if they would be open to the idea!

Going hiking with someone is not something simple. It is quite different from walking into a restaurant and having a meal together. To do a hike, you need to be physically and mentally prepared for the challenge. You also need proper hiking gear, a good understanding of what to take and what not to.

So, I would suggest talking about your idea for the adventure date with your crush. There is nothing better than hearing them out and then deciding together what your first date should be like!

Is It Safe To Go On a Hike On A Date?

I would say that going on a hiking date is safe as long as you plan out the date as much as possible. For example, you should always know what hiking trails you want to take. Deciding on the hiking route is half of the planning!

When you decide on the trail, you can check if that trail is open on your desired date. You can also check what the weather would be like. You do not want to have your first date ruined by a thunderstorm or hot weather that will wear out your date.

Once you check these things, you should talk to your date and prepare for the trip together. If you are planning on taking a route that requires some rock climbing, tell your date to take comfortable shoes instead of hiking boots. If you are going on a regular hike, then you can take your hiking boots.

It is also very important to remember to take sunscreen with you even if the hike takes place during winter. The sun's rays can be very strong even in winter. Take bug spray with you to protect yourself from bug bites. Taking a first aid kit is also a good idea!

These are all things that will help you stay safe while on the hike. If you have hiking experience and know other things that are of crucial importance to your safety, make sure to pack them as well!

What Should I Bring On a Hiking Date?

Most people under-pack or over-pack when going hiking. Yes, Mother Nature can indeed be unpredictable, and you never know exactly what might come in handy. But you cannot take everything from your closet on a simple hike!

For hikes during the summer months, you should bring one of a few extra shirts, a light jacket or sweater, and a rain jacket. If your hike takes place during the colder seasons, you should take a base layer as well as a couple of long sleeve shirts. A winter jacket is a must as well!

As for pants, you can take yoga or tight pants in your backpack and put them on only if you feel too cold. For winter, take some merino wool socks to wear under your hiking shoes. This goes for both men and women, so keep that in mind!

Hiking shoes with good ankle support are a must for serious hikes, while regular sneakers or sports shoes are good for simple walks in nature. You can even take a pair of sandals to let your legs breathe when you take breaks.

As for smaller but important things, you should take hair ties, sunglasses, caps or bandanas, and a headlamp just in case. Sunscreen and bug spray are a must, while enough snacks and water are also important.

What Do You Talk About On a Hiking Date?

If you are a hiker, you know that you consider the people around you as a family whenever you go hiking. You share your experience and listen to the hiking stories others tell. You share tips, tricks, and funny stories – that is how you learn more about the hiking community and the whole hiking experience.

If you have never hiked before and you are not a part of that community, going on your first hike can be a life-changing experience. Get your date to start talking about why they decided to take you on a hike as your first date. Ask them about their hiking experience, their favorite hikes and trails, what made them start hiking, and so on.

These stories can be enough to convince you to start hiking as well. Men and women who hike and love nature are special types of people. Their souls are more genuine, and their lives are fuller – there is something about them that makes them so attractive. Use the hiking date to learn more about the hiking community and see if you want to be a part of it. There is a good chance that hiking will change your life for the better!

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How to Make a Hiking Date Romantic?

As someone who loves hiking, I think that having a hiking date is romantic in itself. Yet, you might need more to make a non-hiker feel like the date is romantic. You do not need some grand gestures, and you can do a few small things to make your date feel special.

For example, you can pack extra snacks or food that you know your crush likes when on a hiking date. That will make them feel like you have a strong interest in them!

Something else that you can do is play their favorite music while hiking. Try to learn more about their favorite singers or bands and make a playlist that you will put on during the hike.

Yet another thing that you can do is offer them your jacket if you see that they are cold, offer to carry some of their weight if you see them struggling. Give your date a hand if they get stuck; take pictures of them while enjoying their surroundings.

Tell them jokes and make them feel comfortable – even the smallest things can make a big difference!


Ask your crush on a hiking first date! It will be unique and unexpected, but it will also be something that will show them that you are innovative and can think outside the box. There is nothing better than showing your crush that you want to do something special for them – and nothing is as special as a well-thought-out date!

I hope that what I shared with you throughout this guide will help you have a better hiking date. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for hiking dates that you want others to know. I am eager to see what you think about hiking dates, so please share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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