How to Clean Teva Sandals? [Step-By-Step Process]

Teva sandals are the perfect alternative to hiking shoes or boots in the hot summer weather. Why let your feet sweat in those heavy, sturdy shoes when you can go with the fantastic Teva sandals and get the same amount of comfort, stability, and durability?! Whenever you are ready to transition to the sandals, I will give you the best advice on caring for the sandals and keeping them on their A-game!

Like with all other hiking shoes, you will be walking over dirt, grass, and even mud in some cases. You might even walk in some stream if you need to. After those kinds of hikes, you might find that your sandals have gotten dirty. Before the next trip, you will need to clean the sandals, and I have the most straightforward 5-step process to use.

Having said that, let’s get into the step-by-step process and see what you need to do. I will explain everything in great detail, so do not worry – you will have guidance through the whole process!


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How to Clean Teva’s Sandals - Step-By-Step Guide

If you look online for the best Teva sandal cleaning method, you will come across quite a few different techniques that you can try. People claim you can clean them using mouthwash or chlorine, or even basic clothing detergent.

After trying the methods out, I have found that the one using the clothing detergent is the most effective. So, I will tell you more about everything you need to do and how to do the cleaning. Let’s get right into the first step:

Step 1 – Prepare for cleaning

Before you wash Teva sandals, I recommend ensuring you have everything you need close to you. You do not want to start with the cleaning and find that you are missing some key ingredients. So, let’s see what you need.

First, a scrub brush and a soft-bristled brush are essential, as is some cleaning detergent. It can be antimicrobial soap or detergent, regular clothing detergent, or similar. But before you use it, make sure it does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach.

You will also need warm water and either a large sink or a large plastic bucket that can fit both sandals. This is because you will be washing the sandals by hand – not in a washing machine. It is not advisable to use a drying or washing machine for Teva sandals, so stay away from them.

Another thing is to have at least an hour to spend cleaning the sandals. If you are pressed for time, it might be better to postpone the cleaning. So, keep this in mind.

Step 2 – Remove large debris

Once you are sure you want to start with the cleaning, the first thing to do is remove the large debris. If you hiked recently, chances are some dirt and debris are stuck to the bottom of the sandal. If you have not removed those things by now, you should do that next.

You can use your hands or some brush to remove the dirt, but a better option is to use a brush or hands covered with rubber gloves. The dirt might be infected with bacteria or other harmful things, so you should not touch those things with bare hands.

If you do not have gloves, use an old dish brush or scrub brush to remove the debris. Make sure it is all removed before you continue to the next step.

Step 3 – Scrub the straps

At this point, you will need to fill your sink or bucket with lukewarm water as you will be soaking your sandals in that water. If you plan to use detergent or soap, now is the time to mix it in the water. Once you are done with that, soak the sandal in the water.

You will be able to notice that all dirt will start floating in the water. If you see that there is still some mud or dirt on the straps, grab a toothbrush or larger brush and go over it with some soap. You can use any type of brush you like, but make sure it is an old one as you will not be able to use it for anything else afterward.

If your straps are leather, you can also use Nubuck leather cleaner to make them spotless. Do the same for the interior sole if it is leather. If not, scrub with regular soap or detergent.

Step 4 – Leave sandals to soak

If you see that the sandals are looking good, you can fill the sink or bucket with fresh soapy water and soak the sandals in it. If they start floating, use something to keep them in the water. It should take about 30 minutes for them to be ready for rinsing.

Then, rinse the sandals with clean water. At this point, the sandals should be free of odor, smell, dirt, and everything else.

Step 5 – Air dry sandals

Finally, you need to place the sandals in direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated area to dry. Sandals from this brand are known for being quick-drying, so the sandals should be dry and ready in an hour or two.

Keep cleaning the sandals as regularly as possible. That will help you keep them in the best state ever, without any mud, odor, smell, or other dirt.


That is everything you need to know about the best way to clean Teva sandals. If you find that this method does not work for your sandals, you can always try some of the other cleaning methods mentioned above. Just make sure that you do not use anything with bleach or harsh chemicals to clean your sandals or any other hiking gear.

Let me know in the comments below if you tried the cleaning method out on your Teva sandals. Did they look spotless afterward? I would love to learn more about the entire experience, so do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me!

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