Can You Hike in Tevas? [Are Tevas Really Good For Hiking?]

Finding the perfect hiking footwear can turn into a long, time-consuming process. You have to review hundreds of shoes from many companies. Depending on the type of outdoor activity you plan on using the shoes for, you can look into several options. For example, there are shoes for trail runners, hiking shoes, hiking boots, hiking sandals, etc.

When it comes to hiking sandals, the sandals are the recommended type of footwear for summer trips. And you must know which company creates the best hiking shoes and sandals – Teva! This company has a variety of shoes to choose from, while there are unisex models and models for women, men, and children.

So, if you are on the market for a pair of hiking sandals, you need to look into Teva and their budget-friendly options. In today’s guide, I will tell you more about the features that these hiking sandals are known for and much more. So, stick around to learn if they are a good choice for you or your hiking buddies.


hiking in the summer with teva sandals

Are Teva Sandals Really Good For Hiking? Pros & Cons

There are a ton of great Teva hiking sandals that you can take on all your trips. Before you find the perfect ones for you, let me tell you more about their pros and cons. These features should help you decide if you want to take the sandals hiking or not. Let’s get into the list:


Even though there are many different features you will come across on different Teva models, these are the most common ones. Here they are:

  • Variety – as mentioned, you can find many different models on the company’s website. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors and have many interesting designs. Considering Teva's variety, you will find a pair that you will love.
  • Great support – thanks to the quality soles and the adjustable straps, these shoes will offer great support for the foot and the ankle. The straps can wrap around the leg, keeping it from slipping or moving around. They are also positioned to give great support at all times.
  • Non-slip soles – you will have to walk on uneven ground or even in streams when hiking. For those times, you will need to have shoes with non-slip soles. The Teva sandals and shoes have such soles that you can use to walk on all types of ground, so use that situation to your advantage.
  • Great stability – as mentioned, the straps and quality soles offer support and great stability. There is an elevated sole that is made from quality material. When you pair it with the adaptable straps, you get a shoe that will make you even more stable on the hiking trail.
  • Adjustable straps – no matter if your feet are narrow or wide, or if there is a difference between the left and the right foot, you can adjust the straps to make them fit your feet to perfection.
  • Amazing comfort – the comfort of the Teva hiking shoe is something you will not be able to find on many shoes. Thanks to the EVA foam on the sole and the leather elements added to the shoe, your legs will feel comfortable, and they will not tire fast.
  • Very durable – the Teva hiking shoes will last some ten years without any problem if you take care of them. This is allowed because of the quality materials used in the making.
  • Affordable – most shoes by this brand are quite affordable and a great alternative for people on a tight budget. They do not have to get the more expensive options.


Now that you know the pros let’s talk about the cons of taking Tevas on a hiking trip. They are fewer than the pros, but you still need to know them:

  • Have to wear them in – under no circumstance should you go hiking in Tevas without wearing them in. Wear them on several short walks or around the house before taking them hiking.
  • Have to be the proper size – while the straps are adjustable, the sole is not. So, you have to be careful to get a pair of shoes that fit your feet. Since the company sells full and half sizes, you will be able to find shoes that match your feet’s length perfectly.

How Far Can You Walk in Teva Sandals?

As you can see from the section above, Teva sandals are the perfect alternative to regular hiking shoes. You can trek in them wherever you want and whenever you want. They are so great that they will keep you comfortable on all types of terrain.

But what happens if you have a hike that lasts hours, days, or months? Can you use the same sandals? It turns out that you can, but there is a catch! You need to adjust the sandals and wear them before the actual trip. So, if you want to keep your sandals new for the trip, that might not be a good idea.

You will have sore feet and even blistering if you do not break in your sandals before the actual trip. Taking them on a few short hikes before your longer hikes is advisable. You can even wear them around your home if you do not have time to go on a few short hikes with them.

Another important thing is to check if the sandals fit you well and adjust your straps. The adjustable straps are straightforward to use, and you can make them fit your feet, no matter if they are narrow or wide by nature. Then, you can also check to see if the sandals are of the correct size.

Some people get half-size or smaller sandals, thinking the slight difference in size will not cause problems. But with all Teva shoes, you need to stay true to your size. Otherwise, you might find that the shoes cause pain and blistering.

  • To sum up – find the right size shoe, adjust the straps, and wear them in. Then, you can hike as many miles as you would like with them! Your hike will be enjoyable, whether it is a few miles or a few dozen miles.

Are Teva Sandals Durable?

You can rest assured that your investment in Teva hiking sandals will be worth it. These sandals, and all shoes from the company, can last up to ten years without any problem. That is amazing, especially if you consider that you will be wearing them on all kinds of rough terrain and demanding conditions.

What makes them so durable is the materials used in the making. Most of the sandals have leather on both the insole and the straps. The leather insole provides excellent underfoot support, while the straps make the shoe even more comfortable.

Still, it is not a general rule that Teva sandals must have some leather parts. It would be best to research the materials and decide what materials you like best. Then, you can visit whatever Teva store you want and ask for the type of shoe you like best. I do not doubt that you will be able to find the perfect hiking boots, shoes, or sandals for your needs!

Wrap Up

Teva hiking sandals and shoes are excellent for people looking for quality at a lower price. I hope that this guide taught you a lot about the great features you can find in Teva shoes. So, please keep them in mind when on the market for a pair of shoes.

In the comments below, share your hiking experience with Teva shoes, if you have any. I would love to know your favorite model of Teva sandals or hiking shoes. So, do not hesitate to share it with the other readers and me!

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