Chacos vs Tevas – Which Sandals Are Better For Hiking?

Chacos and Teva are two companies that create some of the best hiking sandals ever. If you try to compare Chaco vs. Teva, you will find that they are pretty similar as they are great for most outdoor activities. Still, there are some slight differences between the sandals of these companies that you have to consider.

In today’s guide, I want to tell you more about the best sandals for you. I will go over some of the most important characteristics of Chacos and Tevas to help you decide which ones you want to go with.

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Chacos vs. Tevas - Feel & Fit

The most important thing about hiking and outdoor sandals is that they need to fit you well, and you should feel comfortable in them. I recommend measuring your feet and then buying the sandals when it comes to the fit. It would help if you got sandals as close to your feet size as possible – even half a size more or less can cause problems during outdoor trips.

The sole and straps on the sandals are a huge deal. With Chacos, you will get a thick sole that keeps your legs protected even on rocky trails. The same cannot be said for Tevas because their sandals have thinner soles. They are also known for the softer footbeds, which can cause you to feel the bumps on the roads.

Now, let’s talk about the straps. Chacos’s sandal game is strong as they have an extra toe loop that keeps your foot in place. Teva sandals come without this toe loop, resulting in your legs slipping around the sandal. On the plus side, both companies offer sandals with adjustable straps, so you can make them fit your feet well.

As for the feel, different people have different opinions on this topic. Most people choose the Chacos over the Tevas when it comes to the feel. But you should try sandals from both companies and decide which ones you like best.

Chacos vs. Tevas - Quality & Durability

Chaco sandals and Teva sandals are quite similar when it comes to quality. Considering the price difference, you should expect to get a bit lower quality from the Teva sandals, even if you buy some of their better models like the Teva Hurricane xlt2. Chacos offer better quality generally, with their Chaco Z Cloud being something else. The quality of these sandals is something no other sandal can beat.

If you want to go on your outdoor adventures with sandals, it would be best to choose Chacos over Tevas. The Chaco is also the original adventure sandal, so this company offers better quality for their adventure sandals. They also have some of the most durable sandals on the market.

One of the biggest durability issues with the Tevas is the Velcro system. Most of their models have this system even though it has been proven that the Velcro can become worn in after a few years. Chacos can last upwards of ten years without any major issue, making investing in them a great idea.

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Chacos vs. Tevas – Weight

When it comes to weight, the Tevas have proven to be lighter than the Chacos. The Teva sandal will not weigh your feet down even if you wear them on more demanding hikes. The Teva footbed is created from recycled plastic bottles and not some heavy material.

Even though investing in lighter sandals is smart, the Tevas are not the best outdoor sandals. This is because their soles do not have good grip or traction, so they can cause some slipping of the leg. The strap system cannot keep the foot in place when the sandal is wet. So, if you want to hike in wet conditions or walk on water, the Tevas should not be your first choice.

The Chacos are better for hiking in wet conditions. They have a heavier strap system, but they will not cause any slipping. Their anti-slip footbed is also something that you cannot replace for anything. The sandal offers comfort and security, helping you prevent injury or foot exhaustion.

So, please consider these things when buying new hiking sandals. With so many great outdoor footwear brands, you owe yourself to research and find the best sandals for yourself.

Chacos vs. Tevas - Special Features

Nothing beats a hiking sandal with a couple of great features. The Teva and Chaco sandals are packed with many features that you must know. These features separate these two companies from all the other outdoor gear companies. So, let’s look into the special features of these sandals:

Chacos special features

Chacos offer great sandals with great traction, arch support, waterproofing, anti-slip footbeds, durable and quality built, etc. Their soles have also been approved by the American Pediatric Medical Association, making them better than any sandal for arch support.

The waterproofing is also a notable feature of the sandals. You can use them to walk in water or cross streams and rivers. Afterward, the sandals will take minutes to dry and go back to their previous state. This means no slipping of the foot when the sandal is wet. How cool is that?!

Teva special features

Some of the special features of Teva sandals are durability, comfortable and thinner footbed, Velcro straps, good arch support, etc.

With these sandals, there is no toe strap. Without that toe strap, the foot can slip on the footbed when wet. Also, the waterproofing on these sandals is not the best, so you have to consider that too. After you walk in the water, the sandals will take quite some time to dry.

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Chacos vs. Tevas - Everyday Use

Both Teva and Chaco sandals are very comfortable and suitable for everyday use. You do not have to go hiking to wear these sandals; you can wear them even when going out. Still, keep in mind that the Chacos tend to be a better choice for everyday use.

Why is that? Well, Chacos have more sandals that look like regular sandals. The Teva sandals look more technical. They seem like hiking sandals more than any other sandals. The same cannot be said for the Chacos because they look good even when paired with dresses or casual wear. So, keep this in mind when deciding which company to invest in.

One thing that bothers me about wearing Chacos every day is the straps. Setting every adjustable strap in place every time I put on the sandal is too much. It took me a while to get used to using these straps.

With Teva products, the Velcro straps do not cause the same difficulties. But they are not as durable. So, the decision comes down to your personal style and preference. Sandals from both companies come with their pros and cons, so consider them all before deciding!

Chacos vs. Tevas – Price

Of all the sandal brands globally, Chacos and Tevas are among the best. It is worth it to invest in Chaco sandals and a pair of Teva sandals. These companies create other footwear, too, so you can look into their hiking boots, hiking shoes, flip flops, and other shoes.

Still, remember that Teva is the more affordable of these two companies. Their sandals come with fewer unique features and are of lower quality, but that is expected at their prices. If you want quality sandals, you will have to pay more.

This is where Chacos come into the conversation. They create great quality sandals, but they also come at a price. Not everyone can afford their sandals but think about it this way. With Chacos, you can get one pair and wear them for more than ten years. These sandals are durable and sturdy, so it will take a miracle to tear them down.

If you ask me, it is better to invest in quality sandals than buy new sandals each year. Still, your final decision will be based on your personal preference. Make sure that you take everything into consideration and make a smart decision. I hope everything I shared in this guide will help you do that!


That is a wrap on all things Chacos and Teva sandals! Let me remind you that Chacos seem to be a slight winner over Teva when it comes to the characteristics and design of the sandals. Still, they are not a great option for people on a tight budget because of their high price. Do not be discouraged if you fall into that category, as Teva has many great models too!

After reading this guide, I do not doubt that you will be able to find the best sandal for yourself. Let me know in the comments which sandals you would like to go with or which you have tried out this far. I cannot wait to read all about your experience with these companies.

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