Are Chaco Sandals Good for Hiking? [Complete Guide]

Chacos is a famous brand that creates quality outdoor gear for all outdoor activities, including hiking. If you ask me, I also think that their regular shoes and clothing are amazing, but nothing can beat their sandals. The important question that this guide will revolve around is whether the Chaco sandals are suitable for hiking. As I tell you more about the characteristics of these sandals, I do not doubt that you will be able to reach a conclusion on that question.

On any hiking trail, you can find many hikers with various types of gear. Some choose to spend hundreds on getting quality hiking boots, while others opt for hiking sandals. What option you go with will depends on your personal preference. But this guide will also show you that you need to consider your experience and the type of trail.

This guide will talk about all these issues and many more, so I urge you to stick around for the rest of it.

Who knows, by the time you reach the end, the guide might convince you that your next investment needs to be a pair of Chaco sandals. Let’s see if that is what you should do or not!


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Are Chaco Sandals Really Good for Hiking Trips?

The Chaco sandal is one of the best options for summer hiking trips. If you love hiking in the summer, you need to get one of the best Chaco sandals. You will find that hiking in sandals is the best thing ever as it provides you with pros that no hiking boot can. Let’s look into some of the best characteristics of the Chaco sandal!

  • No sweaty feet – Wearing Chacos will prevent you from getting sweaty feet. Imagine going on a trip on the Appalachian trail only to have your feet soaking throughout the day. That could be pretty uncomfortable for your feet and body, so you need to change the boots with a better option. And what is better than Chaco sandals!

  • Freedom – The freedom that wearing Chacos gives is unlike anything you will feel during hikes. Hiking shoes and boots can be quite constraining, so you might want to skip wearing them on all trips. Instead, opt for the Chacos and let your feet feel free!

  • Comfort – Most people will not believe this, but the Chaco sandal can perform any hiking boot for comfort. As long as the sandal is worn in and adjusted, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the hiking trip without worrying about feeling uncomfortable.

As you can see, Chaco sandals are good for most hiking trips. There are a few things to look out for with these sandals. I will mention them in the following section, so make sure to check that out!

What Are Chaco Sandals Good For?

Chacos creates shoes that are great for trail runners, hikers, or even people who like going on backpacking trips without doing any hiking. They are a great choice because of the great features they come with and how versatile they are. I want to focus on the biggest pros and cons that you need to know about Chaco sandals. So, let’s get right into the lists!


Here are the things that Chaco sandals are good for:

  • Great for summer hiking - Hiking in Chacos during the summer can be life-changing! No more sweaty feet or heavy boots, no more dealing with soaked socks and shoes that need drying. All you need to do is put the Chacos on, and you will be prepared for any hiking trail or even a regular walk you want to take with family or friends.

  • Arch support - If you look for sandals with great arch support, you have come to the right place. The Chacos have even received approval from the American Pediatric Medical Association, which shows they have ample arch support. If you have weak ankles, you might want to replace the sandals with boots or shoes. But in any other case, Chacos has got you covered!

  • Adjustable straps - The adjustable straps are always a good idea. They are what make Chacos good for hiking because they wrap around the foot and keep it protected. The comfortable footbed under your feet will make you feel better even as you walk on uneven terrain or slippery rocks. Nothing is impossible when you have Chacos on your feet.

  • Good traction - The traction on the Chacos is phenomenal! Even trail runners will agree with me that these sandals have the best grip on uneven, slippery ground. Whether you are walking on wet surfaces or regular dirt, the Chacos will provide you with good traction and keep you in touch with the land you are walking on.


Here are the things that Chaco sandals might not be the best for:

  • Not the best ankle support - It is unfortunate, but Chacos sandals do not have the best ankle support. They might give you good arch support, but the ankle is something that you will have to worry about. Try replacing them with boots or shoes when hiking more demanding trails. If you decide to go with the sandals instead, do a few ankle rolls before setting off to warm up the ankles and get them ready.

  • Toe stubs - Since most Chaco sandal models have open toes, you can stub your toes while hiking. You will have to be extra careful about that because you do not want to cause significant damage to the toe or toenail.

  • Suntan lines - The Chaco sandals are not the best for hiking in cold weather, but you can always wear them when the sun is out. Keep in mind that this means you can get suntan lines on your feet if you walk in direct sunlight. Since the Chacos have many straps on them, that can cause quite a few lines on your feet. So, put some suntan lotion on your feet or socks for protection.

  • Problems with debris - Some people have reported that dirt, debris, or sand can get between their feet and the footbed, causing them to feel uncomfortable. This is always an issue with sandals, so you must be careful not to walk in dirty places. On the plus side, taking off the sandals to remove the dirt is very easy, so you will be able to do it without any problem.

Is Chacos Good for Walking in Water?

Chacos are suitable for walking in water. They are the perfect replacement for regular hiking shoes or boots as you do not have to take them off during river crossings or stream crossings. The same goes for hiking in wet conditions – you do not need to worry about them getting soaked!

This is one of the significant things that make Chacos good for hiking. Still, there are a few things that you need to remember. You might get an injury or some blisters if you do not have the right size sandals or have not adjusted the straps and worn the sandals in.

You have to do these things before going on a hike in brand new Chacos. To prevent blisters:

  1. Make sure the sandals are the correct size.

  2. Do some measuring at home and cross-check your measurements with the size of the sandals.

  3. Only get them if they are a good fit – never settle for shoes bigger or smaller!

Then, adjust your straps to keep your leg protected and comfortable. This refers to all straps, including the big toe strap, if you have one. If you find some straps that make you uncomfortable, re-adjust them or try wearing socks to see if that helps!

Finally, wear the sandals before going on the trail. Otherwise, you might not be able to prevent blisters. For extra protection, wear socks while wearing the sandals. Trust me on these notes. You will thank me for it when you do not have to deal with blisters during your next hike!

Do Chacos Have Ankle Support?

While Chacos may be suitable for hiking, they do not always provide the best ankle support. This is the only bigger issue with these sandals. They cannot replace hiking boots for ankle support, but they beat them in most other categories.

The position of the straps and the materials used in the making does not provide good ankle support. This does not mean that you should not wear these sandals when hiking. Instead, it means that you can go back to your regular hiking shoes or boots for more demanding hikes.

If you wear the sandals on more technical trails, you can risk injury, which is never good. So, make sure you do your best to prevent injury; you should always be safe and prepared for whatever the trail throws at you!

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How Long Do Chaco Sandals Last on Average?

Now that we have established that Chacos are suitable for hiking let me tell you how long you can wear them after buying them. There have been reports from satisfied customers who say that their Chacos lasted upwards of ten years even with everyday use. That is quite amazing if you ask me!

Not a lot of companies can offer such longevity. I have been talking about these shoes having some of the best features ever. Whether you go for the hiking sandal, hiking boots, a pair of running shoes, or some flip flops, you will be satisfied!

So, do not hesitate to get yourself a pair of Chacos. All their footwear is durable, supportive, comfortable, and offers excellent traction. I have no doubt that you will love your Chacos and that you will join all the satisfied customers that show their support and love for this company and their shoes.


Thank you for sticking with me through this guide on all things Chaco hiking sandals and boots. Most hiking sandals will not perform as well as the Chacos, so I recommend that you look into this brand when on the market for some new hiking footwear.

Have you ever owned or worn a pair of Chaco shoes? Let me know more about your experience in the comments section below. I would love to read all about it, so please share your stories with me!

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