How to Fold Pop-Up Tent? – Guide You Need To Read

If you are planning on becoming a camper, there will be a few things that you need to get before setting off on your first trip. One of those things is a good tent. On second thought, you need the best tent, which means you need the best pop-up tent!

Pop-up tents are great for several reasons. First, they are very easy to set up and fold back down. Second, they can fit anywhere from 2 to 4 persons or even six persons at one time. Third, they are always made from durable, waterproof material. And you get all this in one package that comes at a very affordable price!

While the tent will set itself up, you will need certain skills to fold it back down. I will dedicate this guide to teaching you how to fold your pop-up tent. I will cover all sizes and shapes of the pop-up tents, and I recommend that you go over all the information. That way, no matter which type of tent you end up getting, you will know how to fold it!


How to Fold Pop Up Tent [Step By Step]

Before getting started with the guide, I want to share a few things. There are several types of pop-up tents that you will encounter. There is a camping tent, dome tent, sun shelter, shelter for beach use, portable tent, and shower tent.

All these tents come in different sizes and somewhat different shapes. Most pop-up tents can be folded the same way, but the folding can be a bit different sometimes. You may need to adjust some of the steps, but you can always use them as a stepping ground. You and I can get right into the guide if that is all clear!

Step 1 – Prepare the tent for folding

Before you fold the tent, you need to clean it up. Especially if it is a beach tent or a tent that stands on a muddy surface, it can be elementary for dirt to attach itself to the fabric, almost like water, insects, bacteria, and so on.

Because of this, you need to clean the tent before folding it. If possible, wash the tent and leave it to air dry. If there is no possibility for that to happen, you can go over it with a wipe or towel to remove the debris.

Make sure that the tent is dry before folding it up. Also, check to see if there are any stakes or extra layers you need to remove. After that is all done, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Start folding the tent

The first thing you need to do is unzip the door or two doors of the tent. That will allow the air from the inside to escape and make it easier for you to fold the tent. After doing that, you can fold the tent to an oval shape.

Grab the back of the tent as you will be starting from there. You should get the rear pole and bring it to the middle one. If you find that that is not easy to do, you can use one hand to hold the rear pole and the other hand to get ahold of the middle pole.

Hold the two poles in one hand to keep the end in the oval shape. If there is any remaining air in the tent, make sure you get it out at this point.

Step 3 – Lift and rotate the tent

It should be easy to lift the tent when you have the poles in your hand. It would help if you put it on the side, making it stand vertically. Make sure that you have a firm grip on the tent at all times.

Step 4 – Fold and slide the rings

Once you have the tent in a vertical position, you should extend your hand towards the top of the tent and pull it as close as you can to your feed. The folded tent should be easier to manage at this point since it will be on the floor.

The next thing you should do is check the two circles that are part of the tent frame. They should be overlapping. You should slide the rings on top of one another. After you do that, the tent will be one large circular shape.

Step 5 – Bag the tent

If your tent comes with an elastic band, you can use it to secure the tent in a folded position. That will make it easier for you to put the tent into its bag. After you do that, the tent will be all set, and you can put it in your car or your backpack.

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How to Fold a Pop-up Tent into A Circle?

Most pop-up tents fold into a circle – the design allows this. The pop-up tents are a great thing to use if you plan to turn in for the night during your camping trip. It takes only a minute to set them up!

After spending the night in the tent, you will need to fold it, and I recommend that you fold it into a circle. To do this, start by cleaning and air drying the tent. Then, remove all extra layers that you may have and the things in it.

Now, the next thing you should do is grab its back and move it towards the front. After having these top poles in your hand, turn the tent to one side. This will enable you to push it down or press it to the ground.

The next thing would be to seal the tent. You can do this using some elastic bands, but you can also do it another way! With tents that have a circular shape, you can find zippers around the poles that can be zipped together to seal the tent.

So, if your tent has zippers, use them to seal it. Make sure that you are not grabbing onto the material with the zipper because you can damage it that way. Be extra careful with the sealing!

How Do You Fold A Big Pop-Up Tent?

Larger pop-up tents are the best if you plan camping with many people. These tents have enough space for four persons or six persons to sleep. You might even find that there is space to put your backpacks in there as well!

The only difference between folding a regular pop-up tent and a big one is that you may need help to fold the latter one. If you have trouble folding the tent, do not hesitate to get help from your friends or another camper.

Clean the tent up, fold it from the back towards the front, lift it and rotate it to the left side, then press it to the ground and seal it. It is a simple as that. After finishing all this, you can slide the tent right into its bag and store it away.

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How To Fold A 4 Sided Pop-Up Tent?

4-sided pop-up tents tend to be a bit larger than regular tents of this kind. You might have a more difficult time trying to fold this type of tent, but it is not impossible!

This type of tent can come with two doors, but it usually has only one. When you plan on folding it, make sure that you leave the door open, so there is nothing trapped there.

Since this is a 4-sided tent, it will have four poles. When folding it, you should grab the four poles together and allow all air to get out of it as you continue holding.

Then, turn the tent and bring one of the ends next to the other. You might need to pull, but it should not be that hard. When you have the ends together, you will need to secure them with some elastic bands so that the tent stays in that position.

After that, you can bag your tent or leave it like that and store it right away. Packing it away will not be that hard. Keep the tent stored like that until you need to use it again!

Wrap Up

So, that is everything that you need to know about pop-up tents, what they are all about, and how you can fold them. Remember to clean and dry the tent before folding it up. Once you get to the folding, make sure that you follow the steps given above to fold the tent the right way.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried out my guide or have yet to give it a shot. I would love to know all your fabulous stories about using a pop-up tent, so make sure that you share that as well. I cannot wait to read all about it!

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