Difference Between Camping Propane and Torch Propane – What Is The Difference?

When planning a camping trip, there is one big question that you have to think about. That is what you will do about cooking, heating, and light. If you are going to a remote place or staying in the wilderness, chances are there will be no electricity, so you will have to think of another way to run camping appliances!

As an experienced camper, I can tell you that one of the best solutions for you will rely on camping gas. It can be camping propane or torch propane. These two are great solutions but are somewhat different in a few ways.

So, I will dedicate this guide to telling you more about camping gas and how to use it. I hope that this will help you have a more pleasant camping trip with enough light and heat. If you do it right, you will even have a great source to cook food!


Camping Propane

Is There A Difference between Camping Propane and Regular Propane?

I know that some of you will not be familiar with the many types of propane and their use. Believe me, when I first started camping in remote areas, I had no idea what kind of camping gas I needed. I winged it until the day came for me to sit down and learn more about them.

Once I learned all about the natural gases and their use, my trips became much better. I knew exactly what I needed to run all my camp appliances. So, I want to share this knowledge with you and show you what these gases are all about.

First of all, you should know that there is regular propane, camping propane, and torch propane. Do not worry; they might seem tempting, but they are pretty similar. Let’s start with the regular propane first.

Regular propane

Regular propane is the type of propane used in houses for grilling, cooking, and even heating something to its boiling point. People rely on it because it is not affected by electricity and is suitable for use even during a blackout.

Camping propane

Camping propane is almost identical to regular propane. The only difference between the two is the fact that camping propane comes in smaller tanks. These are more suitable for a camping stove or powering appliances for a short time.

You can find camping propane gas and buy it from any store. The Coleman propane tank is the most famous and best option that comes at an affordable price. So, I recommend that you look into it.

Torch propane

While camping propane and regular propane are more or less the same, torch propane is quite different from them. The most significant difference is the fact that propane torches consist of 100% pure propane, while the other two choices have about 2% of butane in the mix.

Another distinction is the tank weight – torch propane comes in much larger tanks when compared to camping propane. These large tanks have more industrial use while camping propane cannot say the same.

At the same time, keep in mind that the torch propane will be much hotter than the camping propane. Torch propane can heat materials and is often used for welding or smelting. Camping propane served for camp stoves or heating and took up less storage space.

Finally, I want to mention the price difference. Even the largest camping propane tank will cost less than the smaller torch propane tanks. If you do not need the heat and extra capacity that comes with the torch propane, I do not suggest paying the additional cost for it.

Can I Use Camping Butane in a Torch?

If you plan to use a camping butane tank in a torch, you have to check and see if the torch can work on a butane tank. If the torch is not a butane torch, then you will not be able to use it with camping butane!

Since this is somewhat limiting, I recommend sticking with the camping propane instead of the butane. Butane is also not quite suitable for use during the cold winter months. You will face some difficulties when powering appliances with butane in the cold, especially when it comes to camping stoves.

To save yourself from this trouble, stick to the Coleman cylinders that contain camping propane. They are great for everything – from boiling water to powering a heater or a lantern. It could be a good idea to have a multi-pack of these cylinders with you if you plan to have a more extended camping trip.

Is Camping Gas Propane or Butane?

Camping gas is a term that you will often come across. You might not be aware of this, but camping gas can be either camping propane or camping butane. You have both types of tanks to choose from!

Usually, the tank will have a label that states propane or butane. You can see this with the Coleman propane tank, Bernzomatic propane tank, and many other tanks from other companies.

You should also be aware that camping propane is not 100% propane – as mentioned before, there is about 2% of butane. Even though propane is generally considered better for camping stoves and other appliances, camping butane can be a great choice.

The only thing I want to point out is that no matter which type of gas you go with, you have to be very careful about how you use it. Natural gas is not something that you should play with. So, take your time and figure out how cylinders work before you use them or add them to an appliance!

How Many Propane Tanks Do I Need for Camping?

Before I wrap this guide up, I want to tell you how many propane cylinders you will need for your trip. Since these propane cylinders come in various sizes, calculating how much you need will help you decide which one to get.

When camping in the complete wilderness, where you do not have any electricity, it is safe to assume that you will need about one lb. of propane per day. Even though some appliances need small quantities of propane, the amount can add up!

So, I would recommend that you get about 1lb. of propane for each day of your trip. If the trip takes three days, take about three lb. of propane. You can even take a bit more than you need if you need to power an appliance with a higher capacity.


That is everything that you need to know about camping propane and torch propane, as well as their use and characteristics. I hope that the information I gave you was understandable and helped you learn all about the many types of propane you can take on a camping trip.

Thank you for sticking with me through this guide. Let me know what type of propane tanks you usually use on your camping trips or if you are fonder of using butane. I would love to know more about your thoughts and experience, so do not hesitate to share them with me!

Andrew Mullen

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