How to Return Your Empty Propane Tanks for Cash?

You will often find propane gas in homes and industrial buildings. This gas can be used for various things, including room heating, water heating, drying, and cooking. Whoever wants to use it can get large tanks and use them with various appliances. This is even recommended because this gas is clean, safe, and does not contain or let out toxins.

But what happens with propane tanks after you use all the propane? Do you keep them around for a while, forever, or are there ways to return empty propane tanks?

If you want to find the answers to these questions, you have come to the right place. I will tell you more about propane tank disposal and how to do it for cash. So, do not hesitate to stick around and read the entire guide!


Are Old Propane Tanks Worth Anything?

New empty propane tanks and old empty propane tanks are quite different. The thing about old tanks is that they can suffer damage and become unusable. That will make it impossible for you to get any money for them.

If you have old propane tanks that are a bit beat up, you have one choice – take them to the scrap yard. There, you will get paid for the tanks like you would for regular metal scraps. It will not be much, but it will be something.

To get more money for the tanks, you need to ensure they are in good shape and not very old. Such tanks have long shelf lives of about ten years, so you should dispose of them before that time. To sell those tanks, you will need them to be in top shape, without any dents or rust.

In that case, you can sell the tanks for money. The better their shape, the more money you will get. So, ensure that you keep the tanks in top shape if you want to profit from them.

Can You Sell Your Empty Propane Tanks?

After using your propane tanks, you can always sell them. Selling them is an excellent option, as many scrap yards would take them immediately. Depending on the state of the tank and its size, you can get anywhere from $5 to $2000!

Usually, the cheapest tanks are the ones that are old, small, in bad shape, and with rust or dents on them. They will not sell well, but the newer ones will. Small propane tanks could sell for about $50, whereas the larger ones could sell for up to $2000.

The only propane tanks that sell for this high amount are the 1000-lbs ones. They are convenient because you buy them once and use them for quite a while. Then, you sell the empty propane tanks and get a return on your investment. It is quite the deal if you ask me!

But what if someone does not want to sell their empty propane tanks to the scrap yard?

Well, in that case, you can try selling the tanks to local retailers or propane exchange companies to get money and have the tanks reused. This is an excellent option as fewer tanks will fill the collection sites.

To sell or exchange tanks with a retailer, you can visit Blue Rhino, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, or any other large retailer in your area. They will pay you for the tank or get you a new, full one. You will get a good deal either way, so you cannot go wrong with this option.

But what if someone does not want to sell empty tanks at all?

In that case, you can go to a propane tank refill station to refill your tanks. You should never attempt to do this alone – you should find a professional or a service technician to refill the tank. That way, you will know that there is enough gas in it and that both the tank and the valve are in good shape.

How Do I Know My Propane Tank Is Empty

How Do I Know My Propane Tank Is Empty?

Before exchanging or selling your propane tank, you must ensure it is empty. Otherwise, the gas remaining in the tank can cause problems for the company on the receiving end. You can also use the remaining gas and save some money, which is also good.

So, make sure that you dispose of empty propane tanks only! You can use one of two methods to check if the tank is empty. They are also very convenient, so you will not have a problem with any. Here are the three methods and what you need to do:

Hot water

The easiest way to check the propane levels in a tank is by using hot water. Get some hot water, pour it all over the tank, and wait for only a few seconds. Two things can happen – the entire tank becomes warm, or the bottom stays cold.

In the first case, your tank will be empty. In the second case, the cold part of the tank is where you can find the remaining propane. There will be a clear line separating the two parts, so you can tell if there is propane inside without overthinking.


Another thing you can do to check if your propane tank is empty is to weigh it down. Usually, each tank bears information about its build, the material, and the weight. You can measure the current weight of the tank, then subtract the tank’s weight and get a number that will stand for the remaining gas.

This method is not as good as the previous one, so you should consider trying the previous one if you are unsure about the amount of propane in your tank.

Propane Tank Safety Tips

Propane Tank Safety Tips

If you have a new or full tank sitting at home, you will need to know some safety tips to avoid disaster. After all, these tanks are filled with dangerous gas that can cause many problems if you inhale it or leave it to blow up.

So, safety is number one and should be your priority whenever you bring a full tank home. Here are some of the things you must always do before storing the tank for good:

Use the best location

One thing you must always do is set the propane tank in the correct location. It is not recommended to keep the tank inside the house - you should leave it outside.

The tank should be in an area with enough airflow. At the same time, you should try your best to keep it away from direct sunlight. Its position needs to be upright, with all valves and openings secured.

Keep it away from your car

After getting the propane tank, you must not leave it in your car. This is only allowed for local propane suppliers with suitable vehicles to transport the tanks. Otherwise, keeping the tank in the car can be dangerous.

As soon as you get a tank or see that you have an empty tank at home, please put it in your car and get it to the closest propane tank exchange program or scrap field. Remember to keep one window open while riding with the tank.

Keep it away from flames

The propane tank must not be close to open flames as well as smoke, meaning smoke from a cigarette. These things could damage the valves and the actual propane tank. Also, remember never to keep the tank close to heat sources or appliances like a gas grill.

Check its state often

Finally, you must remember to check the state of the tank often. Seeing rust, dents, and damaged valves is not good. You will need to contact a professional and have them inspect the state of the tank.

If you find that the tank leaks or there is a hole from where the gas comes out, you need to contact someone like a local propane supplier and have them take the tank for repairs.


Thank you for reading this guide on all things propane tanks. Remember that there are many ways to get rid of the tanks without leaving them to rot in collection sites.

In the comments below, let me know if you would rather sell empty propane tanks for cash or if you would refill or reuse them. I would love to know about your experience with propane tanks, so do not hesitate to share a few words about that!

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