How to Get Instant Hot Water Camping?

Camping trips are amazing. You get to reconnect with nature while getting some exercise that will improve your physical and mental health. The trips are a good idea for people of all ages. But in some regards, they might not be the most convenient types of trips.

Take hot water, for example. People are so used to having hot water for showering, cooking, or washing dishes that they cannot think of an alternative they can use on camping trips. Luckily for all campers, many manufacturers have looked into the problems and helped provide alternative ways of heating water.

If you still do not know how to get instant hot water when camping, you have come to the right place. I will tell you more about the topic so that the next time you go camping, you will have hot water for showers, cooking, and other uses. Stick around for this guide if this all seems interesting to you!


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How to Get Instant Hot Showers Camping? - Some Useful Methods

As most campers know, instant hot showers during camping trips are not something you expect. When I first started camping, I had to resort to using cold water and taking something that could not even be called a shower. Things have improved over time, and now, turning the fantasy of a hot camp shower into reality is easier.

There are many ways to get warm water during a camping trip, but fewer ways to get instant hot water. If you want to know more about the second option, here are some options for you:

Portable Hot Water Systems

The portable hot water systems are the best thing you can use to get instant hot water. This system is a small water heater you can use wherever you like. It comes with a tap and a shower head, making it perfect for taking camp showers.

Most such systems come with two taps – one for hot water and another for cold water. This means you can use the hot water to shower, while the cold water can come in handy for cooking or washing up. The entire system is very convenient, easy to set up, easy to use, and safe for outdoor use.

Coleman Hot Water on Demand H2Oasis Portable Water Heater
  • Portable camping water heater provides easy access to hot water
  • Dispenses hot water up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 30 seconds
  • Shower head with 6-foot, non-kinking silicone hose facilitates outdoor showering

The only thing to note is that the system can be battery-powered or electricity-powered. This means you will need to bring a battery or stay at a campsite with power outlets available to the campers.

This could be somewhat problematic, but investing in a battery is wise if you have this system. That will help you go to any campsite you like and still have a camping shower available.

Portable Electric Showers

I want to mention another type of shower you can use on a campsite. This one is called the portable electric shower. This is a great camping shower for those who go car camping often. The system allows you to connect it to the car and use the car to run it.

DR.PREPARE Portable Electric Camping Shower, 4 Gallons/15L, Round, 2 Settings, Rechargeable Air Pump, Constant Spray Nozzle, Easy-to-Refill Screw Cap, Warm in Sunlight, Pack and Go
  • 【Rechargeable Air Pump】Slimer than a 16oz beer can, the new rechargeable air pump can fully inflate your shower bag and get your shower ready shortly. Press the power button, hook it up to the...
  • 【Constant Spray Nozzle】Redesigned for simple showers outdoors, the versatile spray nozzle comes with two spray modes. You can either squeeze the lever for manual water control or flip it up for a...
  • 【Easy-to-Refill Screw Cap】The enlarged screw lid makes filling the shower bag easier than ever. Best of all, it excels in the task of sealing due to the threaded design, comparing to the...

Still, as I mentioned before, you need to know that these systems will not heat water. There have also been reports that most electric showers do not heat the water. This means that you will need hot water, not any kind of water, to use the shower.

To add to all this, most such systems will not even allow you to adjust the temperature. You should know about all these points before investing in an electric shower. For some, it is a great choice. For others, the hot water system is a much better option. So, think about it and see which option you like best.

Solar Shower Bags

If both options mentioned thus far are not something you would consider, you can always go with the solar shower bag. You use the hot water from the bag to have a camping shower or to do anything you want to. The bag is very easy to use, and you can set it up anywhere.

The solar shower bag is a black bag you can fill with water. The bag can be of various sizes – which one you get depends on how much water you expect to use for showers. The bag should have a showerhead coming from it.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower,Silver/Black
  • Construction - 4-ply construction with reflector panel and insulator panel for optimized heat retention and performance
  • Capacity - This summer shower has a large 5-gallon capacity and is designed to heat water fast in the warm sun
  • Temperature guage- Easy-to-read temperature gauge to know when your shower is warm. The shower can heat up to 110 degrees in under 3 hours in direct sunlight

Also, such bags will most likely be black since black can attract sunlight best. Still, this can vary between manufacturers.

What you do with the bag is fill it with water and leave it in the sunlight. The water will get hot thanks to the sunlight, and you can take a good hot shower. Remember that to use this bag, you will need the hot sun – otherwise, the water will not get hot enough.

camping cooking

How to Get Instant Hot Water for Camping Cooking?

While the portable hot water system and the solar shower bag can provide you with hot water, you will need to use that water with a camping stove or campfire to cook your food. This all seems a bit complicated. You will also need to take many supplies to make things work.

Yes, you can always go with the camping stove. But if you are looking for a more convenient way to cook food on your camping trips, you must know about one thing. This is that thing:

Personal Cooking System

The personal cooking system is a very popular option for people to cook their favorite meals when camping. You can take this system with you both when you are backpacking and car camping. Since it is quite small and lightweight, it packs well in any backpack.

I could not say the same for the larger camping stoves. They are heavy, sometimes difficult to set up, and can take a lot of space. You can take one with you only if you travel to the campsite in a car. It is not a good option for backpacking trips.

This is why some of the most popular brands for outdoor gear decided to create systems like this personal cooking system. The most famous one is the cooking system from Jetboil. People love using it because it comes with everything you need to cook your food.

This system has a convenient lid to put on if you want to sip your coffee from the container. You can remove it if you are cooking something else. The system also has a screw-on measuring cup with engraved measurements, making it even more convenient.

You will not have to worry about finding a stable stand as one is included in the package. The only thing you need to take is a small gas cylinder that you can use to operate the system. Once your food is ready, use the handle to remove the container from the gas.

There are so many such stoves from Jetboil and other companies that I do not doubt you will be able to find one you will love using. So, if you go on camping trips often and do not want to rely on ready-made food, I recommend investing in this personal cooking system. It is one of the best pieces of camping equipment ever!

Some Traditional Ways of Getting Hot Water While Camping

If you cannot get some of the alternatives for instant hot water or do not like them, I have a couple of other options for you. These are the traditional ways to get hot water on a camping trip.

The best thing about them is that they are as simple as they can be. You will also be able to use them without needing any extra equipment. Here are the options to consider:

Use a campfire

The fire is an option you should always keep in the back of your mind. Most campsites do not have electricity that is readily available for the campers. If you also forgot to bring a battery or portable water system, you can revert to using a regular campfire.

To start the campfire, you will not need anything apart from a fire pit and some dry firewood. You can even get branches and logs around the campsite; you do not need to bring wood from home. You can start the fire with matches or something similar as soon as you gather the wood.

Using some hot coals can also prove helpful. As soon as the fire starts, grab your pot, fill it with water, and let it sit over the fire. The water will get hot quickly, but be careful not to burn your hands as you remove the pot from the fire. A thick glove or towel can help you protect your skin from the hot pot.

Another point I want to make is that this is an easy way to heat water, but it can turn sideways if you are not careful with the fire. You must be attentive to the campfire, especially if there is a thick forest around the campsite. A small fire can turn into a frightening, destructive one within minutes.

Even more important is to ensure the fire is out when you leave the campsite. Even a bit of a spark and some wind can get the fire started again. If you are not there to control it, imagine what can happen.

So, this is a good but dangerous option. Keep that in mind if you ever use a campfire to heat water.

Use the sun

The good old-fashioned way to heat water is by using the sun. Yes, you will not get instant hot water – it will take a while. But at least you will get water you can use whenever you want.

For this method, you only need a few empty water bottles or containers that you can fill with water. It would be best to bring water from home or use a water source close to your campsite. The amount of water you heat will depend on your needs, so ensure you have enough water available.

After you fill all bottles and containers with water, put them in a sunny spot where you are sure that the sun's rays will heat the water. It will not take too long for the water to heat up, especially if you do this in the summer. This might be the best solution for heating water in summer, but it will not work during winter. So, keep that in mind.

With the heated water, you can do whatever you like. You can leave the bottles or containers in the sun; you can use them to wash up, cook, shower quickly, and so on. When you empty one bottle, fill it with fresh water and leave it in the sun again. This method is so simple and easy that you will not need to do anything else!


Thank you for sticking with me through this guide on the best ways to get instant hot water when camping. Remember that you can go with portable hot water systems or solar shower bags for showering. As for cooking, you can rely on the personal cooking system to get you hot water in a matter of seconds.

If you do not like these options, you can always revert to traditional ways of getting hot water, like heating it on the campfire or warming it up in the sun. After trying these methods out, please let me know which one you liked using most and what you found to be the most convenient. I would also love to learn more about your all-around experience on the topic, so do not hesitate to share that with me!

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