Don’t Run Out of Gas: Learn How Long a Coleman Propane Tank Lasts

If you have ever been camping in a remote area, you must know that propane tanks are necessary. You need them for cooking and heating, while you can also use them for light. If you are a fan of grilled meat, there is nothing better than using a propane tank for cooking the meat!

One of the best propane tanks on the market is the Coleman propane tank. They come in various sizes and are not expensive at all. You get a tank that is easy to transport, quite safe, that does not pollute and is not toxic for only $20 or even less!

Once you get the tank, you will have to learn more about its longevity and how to use it and store it without causing any problems. If you want to learn more about this, I recommend that you keep reading and pay attention to all the information I have included in the guide. After all, it is better to read and be safe than be sorry in the end!


How Long Does a Coleman Propane Tank Last?

As I have established, Coleman propane cylinders are pretty popular, and there is a good reason for that. Over the years, these tanks have served as a necessity on all kinds of camping trips. One has to have a propane tank if they do not want to go hungry throughout their trip!

With that said, there are different sizes of propane tanks. Depending on the size tank you go for, you can determine how long the tank will last. Also, you have to know that the burner or stove you are using will affect the tank's longevity.

Typical sizes for propane cylinders are 1lb, 5lb, 11lb, and the larger 20lb.

Why Small Propane Tanks?

I recommend the small Coleman propane tank for shorter camping trips, while the others are better for longer trips. I would recommend using all these propane canisters with the Coleman propane stove, but you can use them with other appliances as well.

More often, you will find that Coleman small propane canisters have about two hours of cooking time. It is somewhat impossible to say that you will be cooking for two hours straight on a camping trip so that you can divide the cooking time into two or three parts. I also recommend that you cook on medium heat instead of high heat if you want the tank to last longer.

Another thing to keep in mind is the duration of your trip. Longer camping trips mean that you will need larger propane tanks to use with your propane stove. If you have a stove with two burners, you will also need a larger tank.

So, as a summary, I want to give you the information you should remember! A 1lb propane tank has a burn time of at least 1 hour and 5 hours at the most. Try to calculate the burn time you need and decide if you need the small propane tank or a larger one for your next trip!

How Do I Know If My Coleman Propane Tank Is Empty

How Do I Know If My Coleman Propane Tank Is Empty?

Let’s say that you bought a Coleman propane tank and used it on your last trip. How do you know if you can use it on your next camping trip as well? Is it empty, and do you need to buy a new one, or can you put that off until the next trip?

There is a simple method that can tell you if your propane tank is empty or not. You will only need a few minutes of your time, the tank, and a cup of water that you will have to heat. Here is a step-by-step guide on what you should do!

Step 1 – preheat the water and make sure that the cup is warm as well. You should not use a cold cup to the touch, while the water should be almost boiling when you put it in the cup.

Step 2 – With controlled movement, pour some of the boiling water on the side of the propane tank. You should be able to see the water sliding on the side without skipping.

Step 3 – After pouring the water, use your hand to glide over the metal of the propane cylinder. You should be able to tell the propane level in the tank, as that part will be colder than the rest. The empty tank part will feel hot to the touch, whereas the other part will be colder.

Do Coleman Camping Propane Tanks Expire?

A lot of people question the shelf life of a propane tank. If you bought one but did not get to use it, you might be wondering what its expiration date is and if it will go to waste. The short answer would be that unused and unopened camping propane tanks do not expire, so that is not something that you should worry about!

Still, there is a more in-depth answer that I would like to give you. It is not the propane that will expire but the tank. Since it is metal, it can suffer some damage over time, leading to decreased longevity.

Another thing to keep in mind, unopened tanks do not have an expiration date, but opened ones have! They are more likely to malfunction, so you should be very careful with the usage and storage. Let me tell you a bit more about this.

Once you open a propane tank, you should put it in a well-ventilated area. It can be outside or inside your house, but make sure that it is away from all flammable materials. Also, you need a dry and cool place to store it, whereas the tank should be in an upright position at all times.

If you store your propane tank using my tips, I have no doubts that it will last quite a long time and that you will have no problems with it! To be safe, you can also check with the manufacturer and see if there is a best-before-date for your specific type and size of a propane tank.

Can You Refill Coleman Propane Tanks?

Did you know that for quite a long time, people were not allowed to refill propane tanks? They were very concerned about the possibility of explosions as well as propane leaks. When you think of it, if I were in their shoes, I would have been very scared as well.

Luckily for us, Coleman propane tanks are so well-designed that it is almost impossible to have anything bad happen with them. You can refill them, and that is quite easy to do. You can have someone do it for you or you can try to do it yourself!

I am no expert on refilling propane tanks, so I recommend that you talk to someone before trying it out yourself. Still, there are a lot of guides online that can help you refill your Coleman propane tank with ease. I will feature one such guide below:

Step 1 – Position the tank on a flat surface without any flammable materials near it. Make sure that it is functioning as it should so that you do not go through the entire process without needing it.

Step 2 – You will need an actual adapter that can fit on the Coleman propane cylinder for the refilling. You can check online for such an adapter, and after you get it, you will need to connect it to the cylinder.

Step 3 – Try to turn the tank upside down while attached to the adapter. This will make it easier for the gas to get into the propane bottle.

Step 4 – After turning the tank, you should find the pressure relief valve and open it. This will allow the gas to get into the bottle. If everything is working as it should, you should hear the gas going into the tank.

Step 5 – The actual refilling should not take that long. After refilling the tank for a few minutes, make sure you shut the valve on it as tight as possible. You want to avoid leaks at all costs!

Step 6 – Disconnect the tank from the adapter and disconnect the adapter as well. Ensure that everything is in order before turning on any stoves or working with any flammable materials around the propane tank.

That is everything that you should know about refilling a Coleman propane tank. You can do it in a few minutes, but you need to know how to do it the right way. When working with such a tank, making a mistake can lead to many problems, so do not forget to think about the risks!

Is It Safe to Refill Coleman Propane Tanks?

Coleman propane tanks have a great design that makes the refill quite safe. Even though I am not a big fan of refilling tanks on my own without any previous knowledge, I would still recommend it over buying a new tank over and over.

Buying a new propane tank for every camping trip can lead to littering. You will need to dispose of the tank after using it, and since it is not biodegradable, it will end up in a landfill and pollute the planet somehow.

All in all, it is safe to refill such a tank if you know what you are doing. Read more about the ways to avoid propane leaks as well as larger catastrophes. If you are still not sure about it, have someone experienced help you out!

Even more important than all this is to make sure that your propane tank is refillable. If you are trying to refill something that should not be refilled, you can cause a big problem.

After all, it is also better to be safe than sorry. So, take that extra minute to ensure that the tank is working as it should and refillable before doing anything to it.

Can Coleman 1lb Propane Tanks Be Refilled?

The 1 pound propane tank from Coleman is the smallest propane tank that the company offers. There are a lot of larger tanks that are more suitable for refilling, but you can refill this small one as well.

It takes only a couple of minutes and a few dollars to refill 1lb propane tanks. I recommend getting one for your camping trips and refilling it before each of them. By doing that, you will be able to cook your favorite meals for you and your camping buddies.

There are propane tanks from a lot of manufacturers that you can find on the market. Even though many of them are marketed as the best propane gas available, I would recommend that you stick to the Coleman propane tanks. There is a reason why they are so popular, and that is because of their pristine design that is extra safe!

Before refilling your tank, check to see if it is empty using the guide I mentioned above. If the tank is almost full, you do not want to hook it to the adapter, so that checking can save you a lot of money and trouble!

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Wrap Up

Well, that is a wrap on Coleman propane tanks, how long they can last, how to refill them, and all other helpful information connected to them. I hope that the information you read will help you have a better trip the next time you go camping with a Coleman propane tank.

Do not forget to store the tank in a cool and dry place at home. When traveling, make sure that the valve is sealed tight and has it in an upright position. Propane gas is not something you should be playing around with, so be very careful with all your propane tanks at all times!

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