Do Columbia Shoes Run Big or Small? [Here is the Answer]

Columbia is an amazing brand that many people turn to when they need quality outdoor gear. The brand has been going strong ever since the 1930s, creating various types of gear for all kinds of outdoor activities. Besides all their clothes and accessories, the brand also produces great shoes and boots for men, women, and children.

Suppose you have never worn Columbia shoes before. In that case, you are asking yourself this – Do Columbia shoes run big or small? How do I know which size I need for my feet? Do not worry; I am here to help you pick out the perfect pair of Columbia shoes or hiking boots.

In this quick and easy guide, I will tell you all about the sizes of Columbia boots and shoes, whether they run big or small, how to determine your size, and so on. You will also get a complete sizing guide for men, women, and children, complete with foot lengths and the US, UK, and EU shoe sizes. So, stick around if you want to learn all about this brand and its amazing shoes!


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Do Columbia Hiking Boots Run Big or Small?

When it comes to Columbia hiking boots, I have consulted with various hikers who have shoes from this brand to tell me if they run big or small. I realized that Columbia boots run a bit small, whereas Columbia running shoes run true to size.

Once you know this, you can consider it when choosing boots that will fit perfectly. If you want them to fit perfectly, you should make sure that they are at least half a size larger than the boots you usually wear. They do not run true to size can be a problem, but it is not something you cannot overcome.

My recommendation is to always measure your feet before buying a pair of shoes. You should cross-check the foot length you get with the sizing guide provided by the company to tell what size would fit you best. Chances are that some of their models run big while others run small, so it is smart to check the numbers before you buy the shoes.

The reason why people rely on this brand even though their shoes do not run true to size is because of three things:

  1. The brand offers a wide variety of shoes that ensures you will find a great pair that you will like.

  2. The brand offers incredibly comfortable shoes that you can wear every day.

  3. You get this great pair of very comfortable shoes for half the other brands' price!

When you put it all together, there is no reason why you would not want to get shoes from Columbia. It is smarter to go to the company’s store to try and buy the shoes, but you can also use the sizing guide to find your size and buy the shoes online. What option you go with depends on your personal preference!

What Size Columbia Shoes Should I Get

What Size Columbia Shoes Should I Get?

It can be a bit difficult to determine which size Columbia shoes you need. Before you set your mind to one size, you should always make an effort to measure your feet. This is not that hard, and it does not take a lot of your time, so I recommend that you do it. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1

Measure your feet in the afternoon because they will be swollen from all the walking you have done. That is how you want them to be when measuring them, as that will help you determine the right length and width.

Step 2

Measure your feet standing up. Put a piece of paper under your feet. Ensure that you and the paper are on a flat surface and that there is nothing around you to disrupt the measuring process.

Step 3

Take a pen and mark your feet or have someone help you with the marking. You need to mark the length of the feet and the width. Do not be surprised if you find that one foot is longer or wider than the other – feet are never the same in size.

Step 4

Measure the exact length and width of the feet. Write down the numbers or remember them. Then, when you go online or to the store to buy the shoes, you should check that the shoes fit the larger foot.

Step 5

A final recommendation that I would like to make is that you buy hiking shoes that are your size while considering buying hiking boots that are half a size larger. You will be wearing thick hiking socks with your boots, so you will need to feel comfortable in the boots, even with the socks.

Once you follow these steps, you will know what size Columbia shoe you need. You should keep in mind that Columbia offers half sizes but only to size 11.5. After that, they do not offer half sizes, only the whole ones. So, you will have to be extra careful if you have feet larger than a size 11.5!

Columbia Shoes and Boots - Sizing Guide

Here is a comprehensive sizing guide in which I will include US, UK, and EU shoe sizes. Then, you can check the foot length in inches and centimeters and find the perfect size for you. The guide includes sizes for men, women, and children. Let's get into it!

Men's Sizing Guide

  • From size US 7 to US 17

  • From size UK 6 to UK 16

  • From size EU 40 to Eu 50

  • From foot length of 9.6 inches to 13.1 inches (24.4 cm to 33.3 cm)

Women's Sizing Guide

  • From size US 5 to US 12

  • From size UK 3 to UK 10

  • From size EU 36 to Eu 43

  • From foot length of 8.6 inches to 11.1 inches (21.8 cm to 28.2 cm)

Children's Sizing Guide

For Youth:

  • From size US 1 to US 7

  • From size UK 1 to UK 6

  • From size EU 32 to Eu 39

  • From foot length of 7.4 inches to 9.7 inches (18.8 cm to 24.6 cm)

For Children:

  • From size US 8 to US 13

  • From size UK 7 to UK 12

  • From size EU 25 to Eu 31

  • From foot length of 5.4 inches to 7.4 inches (13.7 cm to 18.8 cm)

For Toddlers:

  • From size US 4 to US 7

  • From size UK 3 to UK 6

  • From size EU 21 to Eu 24

  • From foot length of 4.2 inches to 5.4 inches (10.7 cm to 13.7 cm)

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