Are Columbia Jackets Good? [Complete Guide]

All outdoor enthusiasts know the importance of having great gear for all kinds of trips. Whether it is overnight winter trips or shorter day trips in the spring – the weather can be unpredictable sometimes. This is why many experienced hikers and campers urge people to take a jacket with them on their trips. And what better jacket to get than the one from Columbia?!

Columbia is a company that has been around for quite a while. They produce various types of gear, including multiple types of jackets. If you compare their jackets to North Face jackets or Gore-Tex jackets, you will find that the quality is almost the same, but the price is much lower. This is why many people choose to go with the Columbia brand.

But to say that this is the only notable feature of Columbia jackets is an understatement. Columbia jackets are so amazing that every hiker and camper should have one. To learn what makes these jackets great, stick around for this guide. I do not doubt that you will be sold on the idea of buying one of Columbia’s jackets by the time you reach the end!


Does Columbia Have Good Jackets

Does Columbia Have Good Jackets?

Columbia does not only have good jackets – they have great ones! If you go to the company’s website, you will see that they have many good quality jackets to offer. They come in various sizes and colors so that everyone can find the perfect one to fit them and their style.

As I mentioned above, many people choose Columbia over other brands because of its good quality and reasonable price. Of course, you cannot expect to get the same quality from a jacket that costs a couple of hundred dollars and one that costs close to a thousand dollars.

If you are a professional hiker or you do extreme camping, you should consider investing in an expensive piece of gear. If you are a regular outdoor enthusiast, Columbia’s jackets will be great for you.

You might get more than you expect because Columbia has developed some great protection systems for their clothes. You can choose to get a jacket with Omni-heat reflective lining or Omni-tech protection, or even the OutDry Extreme system.

There are many good things about these jackets that you need to know. I will discuss these systems and some other essential information you should know about these jackets further below. So, stick around for that information as well!

Types of Columbia Jackets

If you go to Columbia’s official website, you will find that it is very convenient as all their gear is neatly divided into sections. You can find the section that says ‘jackets.’ In that section, you can find information on the various types of jackets currently available for sale.

The first thing you will see is that the company divides its jackets into jackets for men, women, boys, and girls. There are some unisex models for adults and children, but they are not that many, so they do not have a separate section.

Under each of these sections, you will find even more sections. For example, under jackets for men and women, you will find the following options:

Insulated and down jackets

Columbia Men's Voodoo Falls 590 TurboDown Hooded Jacket, Black, Medium
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR PRECISION FIT: This down jacket for men has been designed with a modern classic fit. A drawcord hem and binding cuffs have been added for adjustable comfort and snug fit.
  • VERSATILE FIT: Our Columbia snow jacket includes a down-style baffling that is flexible, provides cushioning, and delivers a timeless versatile fit—without wearing thin over time. This extends...
  • RETAINS WARMTH: The Columbia Men’s Voodoo Falls 590 TurboDown Hooded Jacket is infused with 550-fill powder lining and 0 g thermal insulation. These advanced-technology materials work together to...

Usually, the thickest types of jackets have the most insulation. These are great for winter hiking and camping, and outdoor activities in extreme weather. Even though they are a bit expensive, they are perfect for active outdoor enthusiasts.

3-in-1 interchange jackets

Columbia Men's Eager Air Interchange 3-in-1 Jacket, Graphite, 3X
  • ALL-WEATHER TECHNOLOGY: Columbia Men’s Eager Air Interchange Jacket is crafted from a waterproof shell, designed to integrate with a fleece liner, built to withstand anything from wind, rain, or...
  • CLASSIC THREE-IN-ONE DESIGN: This winter coat is the classic 3-in-1 solution. Featuring a waterproof outer shell and a super warm inner fleece layer, each can be worn separately or together.
  • WATERPROOF SHELL: Crafted from our Hydro Cloth 3000, a 100% nylon plain weave shell, this winter jacket is lightweight while remaining protective. It's the perfect outer layer and first line of...

These jackets come with a couple of layers attached. You will find an outer shell as well as an interior fleece jacket. You can wear them together or detach them from one another and wear them like that.

Fleece jackets

Columbia Men's Steens Mountain 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket, Black, Medium
  • SOFT FABRIC: This Columbia Men's Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Fleece Jacket is crafted of ultra-soft 100% polyester MTR filament fleece for the perfect amount of warmth
  • HANDY FEATURES: This fleece jacket features two side zippered security pockets to keep your small items secure
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: With a collared neck and zippered closure, you're sure to be protected from the frigid cold

Fleece jackets are an excellent choice for spring or autumn hiking. They are made from polyester but are very comfortable and soft. You can choose to pair them with a thicker jacket if you want to wear them in colder weather.

Rain jackets

Columbia Men's Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket, Black/Grill, Medium
  • WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY: You’ll love our Columbia Men's Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket, it features our Hydroplus waterproof nylon fabric for the ultimate in lightweight, wet weather, protection and...
  • COMPACT AND PACKABLE: A versatile waterproof jacket with an attached hood to ensure complete rain coverage, while its packable design lets you stow it away into its own chest pocket. Perfect for when...
  • HANDY FEATURES: Featuring a convenient stow-away hood, zippered hand pockets, adjustable sleeve cuffs, and a drawcord adjustable hem locks in the dry and keeps out the wet.

This is a unique jacket with a waterproof and durable outer layer. If you get one of these, you can rest assured that no water will make its way past this outer layer. Also, keep in mind that the breathability of these jackets is fantastic.

Ski and snowboard jackets

Columbia Men's Timberturner Jacket White/Collegiate Navy
  • Omni-tech waterproof/breathable critically seam sealed
  • Omni-heat thermal reflective
  • Attached, adjustable hood

These jackets have quality insulation that will keep you warm. At the same time, you can rely on the waterproof layer to keep you dry both inside and outside.

Parka jackets

Columbia Women's Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket, Black, Small
  • OMNI-HEAT: Our patented Heat Reflective lining provides the ultimate hand warmth management for outdoor performance. This interior lining consists of our metallic dot pattern designed to retain heat,...
  • 100% SYNTHETIC DOWN INSULATION: The down-style baffling is flexible at all the right points, providing additional air-loft, versatile fit, and maximum warmth and enjoyment.
  • CLASSIC FIT: This women's water resistant jacket features a long-line classic fit for comfortable warmth and protection during days outdoors.

These jackets are like regular winter jackets except that they are longer. If you get a parka, you will have protection from your head to your knees.

Softshell jackets

Columbia Men's Ascender Softshell Front-Zip Jacket, Black, Large
  • COMFORT STRETCH: Crafted from 100% polyester that offers comfort stretch, this comfortable softshell makes for versatile wear — from the trail to the office.
  • WATER RESISTANT: don't worry if it starts to drizzle or the wind picks up. The water-and-wind-resistant jacket has you covered.
  • CLASSIC FIT: This softshell is made with a regular fit cut, for a classic design that you don't have to think twice about.

These are jackets suitable for autumn and spring weather. They are very durable and comfortable, while they also come with a waterproof outer layer. You will have protection against all elements with a jacket like this.  

Casual jackets

Columbia Women's Arcadia™ Casual Jacket , Black, X-Small
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Columbia Women's Arcadia Casual Jacket features our signature, air-permeable protection that’s waterproof and breathable to shield you from drizzle to downpour.
  • ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: This shell top jacket features an adjustable storm hood, drawcord adjustable hem, and zippered hand pockets for ultimate comfort.
  • LIGHT & BREATHABLE: The lightweight, breathable design keeps you dry and comfortable during the heaviest of downpours.

In this category, you will find a lot of jackets that you can wear for various occasions. This means that they are super stylish and not meant only for activities like hiking or camping.


Columbia Men's Flash Challenger Windbreaker, Black, Large
  • OMNI-SHADE: For mild to extreme sun exposure. Blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburns and long-term skin damage. The tight weave construction offers lasting sun protection against the full...
  • DEFY THE WIND: Made from a durable yet lightweight polyester, this windbreaker is the ideal protection against blustery adventures.
  • HANDY FEATURES: Thoughtful touches include an adjustable hood and hem, secure zippered hand pockets, and water-resistant material that protects against the elements.

These are wind-resistant jackets that you can throw on to protect yourself from the wind. I do not doubt that you will be able to put the windbreaker jacket to good use since it gives excellent protection, but it is extra lightweight, and you can take it anywhere.


Columbia Men's Voodoo Falls 590 TurboDown Vest, Black, Large
  • OMNI-HEAT: Our patented Heat Reflective garments are the ultimate body heat management system for outdoor performance. The interior lining consists of our metallic dot pattern designed to retain heat,...
  • ADVANCED DOWN COMFORT: The Voodoo Falls 590 TurboDown Vest features RDS certified down, combined with 40g of polyester insulation, and lined with our thermal heat reflective interior — all adding up...
  • WATER REPELLENT: Designed for easy movement, and ready to protect, this winter vest is wrapped in a water resistant nylon shell — ready for chilly damp outings

Sleeveless jackets that you can wear for any occasion. They are very comfortable and convenient and come in various designs.

Depending on the type of jacket you are looking for at this particular time, you can select one section and look at your options. As I mentioned above, some of these sections have unisex designs, but most jackets are gender-specific.

At the same time, these jackets all come in various sizes and colors. You can choose the one you like best and get it either by ordering it online or by visiting the nearest store that sells this brand. You can see the price for each jacket on the website, so you can decide if you are ready to invest that much money into the jacket.

hiking in winter

Does Columbia Have Good Winter Jackets?

Columbia does have a lot of great winter jackets! The benefit of buying this type of jacket from Columbia is that the company offers various kinds of designs. You can go with a regular winter jacket with insulation or a parka. You can also choose from the great ski and snowboard jackets that can give you a great sporty look.

There are a lot of winter jackets for you to choose from. Among other things, you should know about the great protection that you can get from Columbia’s jackets.

The company has developed several systems that help make the jackets warm, breathable, waterproof, etc. Let’s talk about these systems for a bit.

OutDry Extreme

This is a system used in most winter jackets. It offers waterproofing of the outer layer to protect you even in heavy rain and snow.

At the same time, the jacket will be breathable and allow sweat to exit through the fabric. The internal material is very soft, while the external layer is durable.

Omni-Heat system

This is a system used in most winter jackets for extra warmth. Thanks to the thermal reflective pattern with gold dots, your body's heat will stay trapped in the jacket.

This will contribute to keeping you warm at all times. The jacket has incredible breathability that will keep moisture away from your body.

Omni-tech system

This is a three-layer system designed to make the jackets breathable and waterproof. The outer layer has a waterproof finish that is also stain-resistant.

The middle layer features a complex lattice membrane that contributes to better breathability. Finally, the inner layer has microporous features.

Omni-wick EVAP

This is a rain shell that you can use by itself or pair with another winter jacket. It has a waterproof finish, while it is also breathable and sweat-wicking. It protects your body from overheating while it does not allow any water to enter from the outside into the jacket.

Heat seal

You will not have to worry about heat exiting the jacket through the stitches, thanks to the heat seal. The company has developed a unique thermal-bonding technique that ensures all heat stays in the jacket. These stitches will also not easily allow wind or water to enter the jacket.

Omni-wind block

Like the heat seals, the Omni-wind block system does not allow the harsh winds to reach your body. This system is a bit more effective than the heat seals when it comes to protection. If you find a jacket that comes with both this system and the heat seal, then the winds do not stand a chance!

Thermarator technology

Some winter jackets also come with unique Thermarator technology. This technology offers the greatest lightweight synthetic insulation. Instead of carrying a heavy jacket with you, you can take a lightweight jacket with this technology and still get enough insulation and protection.

If you put all these systems and technologies together, you will realize that Columbia jackets have quite a lot to offer. These systems show that the company has put a lot of thought into its designs. This is why many people choose to wear Columbia gear whenever possible!

Why Are Columbia Jackets So Warm

Why Are Columbia Jackets So Warm?

You can find a lot of Columbia insulated jackets that offer great warmth at all times. What makes these jackets so warm is that they contain some of the great systems like the Omni-tech and Omni-heat. Combined with the Thermarator and Heat seal, these systems ensure that no heat exits the jacket.

But that is not the only thing that makes the jackets so warm – you can also pair them with fleeces or shirt jackets to add to the warmth. I mentioned above that some 3-in-1 designs have two layers attached with zippers or buttons. You should also be aware that you can pair any other type of jacket with fleece if you want to add some warmth.

If you do not want to go with two jackets paired together, you should go for one that has great insulation. A while back, the company revealed their “warmest jacket in the world.” This jacket has a unique design with TurboDown wave construction that offers great warmth.

What this construction includes are two layers that have about 450-fill down each. Between them, there is a 100-gram layer that contains special Omni-heat insulation. This layer has amazing thermal abilities. When you combine all this, you will conclude that the jacket can provide warmth like no other.

These systems and technologies are a part of most Columbia jackets – that is why their jackets are so warm! So, if you are looking for a jacket to keep your body warm at all times, do not hesitate to look into these jackets more. You will be surprised by how good they are.

Are Columbia Jackets True To Size?

When it comes to most Columbia gear, I can say that it runs true to size. That includes their jackets as well. So, it is safe to buy a jacket from this company without trying it on first.

Still, it would help if you kept in mind that it is always best to check the measurements before buying something. On Columbia’s website, you can find a size guide that you can use to check which size fits your best. The size guide is very convenient and has different sections for different types of clothes.

You will be able to choose between a standard, plus-size, and petite size guide. As for the clothes, you can choose if you want to see the size guide for men’s clothes, women’s clothes, or children’s clothes.

There is another guide connected to the type of clothes you want to buy. For example, you can find clothing with an active, regular, or relaxed fit. Choose the guide that fits the type of clothing you want to get and use it to check what the perfect size is for you.

If you do not know how to measure yourself, some helpful measuring tips shared on the website will show you what you need to do. I do not doubt that you will be able to find the perfect size for you if you follow the tips given by the company.

Do Columbia Jackets Run Small?

Most Columbia gear or clothing runs true to size, as I mentioned above. There have not been many comments or complaints on this topic. Still, you should be aware that you might need to get a jacket that is one size larger than the size you usually wear.

This is not because the company is not producing the jackets to be true to size. The complete opposite is true!

When shopping for a winter jacket, you should know what you will be wearing under that jacket. The jacket will not fit the same if you are wearing a regular t-shirt and if you are wearing several thick layers!

Some people do not realize this and think they bought the wrong size jacket. I want to help save you from the trouble of buying something you cannot wear or having to go back and replace it. This is why I recommend that you try on the jacket only with clothing that you expect to wear under it.

If you are on the market for a casual jacket, try it out with a regular shirt or a sweater. If you want to get a winter jacket, throw on a couple of layers or even a fleece before trying it on. That way, you will ensure that whatever you buy fits you well.

Again, if you want to be extra safe, go over the size guide on the company’s website. It can be helpful when it comes to determining the perfect size for you. Please select the size guide for jackets, adjust it to your gender, and see what size fits you best.


Thank you for sticking with me through this guide. I hope that the information I shared convinced you that Columbia jackets are worth the investment. Whether you go with a fleece or a parka, or a simple vest, you will not make a mistake if you decide to buy from this well-known brand.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever had a Columbia jacket and whether your experience with it was a pleasant one. Also, let me know which is your favorite jacket from this brand and which you would recommend to interested buyers.

I would love to read all about it, so do not hesitate to share all the deeds with me!

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