How to Use Daisy Chain on Backpack?

Hiking backpacks are a necessity for all kinds of trips. You only need a small backpack for shorter trips to fit a water bottle or hold gear. For longer trips, even the largest backpack might not be enough. That is when daisy chains come into play.

When I first started hiking, I had no idea what daisy chains were and thought they were some flower chains I could add to my backpack.

After researching them, I learned just how helpful they could be. If you still do not know what a daisy chain is and how to use it, stick around for the rest of the guide to learn more about it!


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What Is Daisy Chain on Backpack For?

Daisy chains are typical for all types of hiking backpacks. You might even have them and not even be aware of that. So, let's explain what they are so you can check and see if they have them!

A daisy chain is a webbing you can find outside your backpack. It is usually sewn in and made to look like loops. You can find it all over the pack - on the back, the straps, the sides, or even the hip belt.

You can have one or two rows of daisy chains, depending on your backpack type. They can be made from various materials, including elastic materials or nylon.

You see, daisy chains are a standard feature on many backpacks, not only hiking ones. They are very convenient as they give you the option to place things on the outside of your pack. They are used for extra storage, weight distribution, ease of access, and many other things.

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How Do I Use Daisy Chain Packs?

If you are looking for a brand-new hiking backpack, consider getting one with as many daisy chains as possible. If you already have a pack, locate all the daisy chains you can use.

Then, you can learn how to use daisy chain backpacks to make the most of them. Here are a few points to get you started:

Check the daisy chain

Even if you have never used your daisy chains, you should check to see if they are in good shape before using them. Since they are located outside your pack, they can suffer damage, wear or tear. So, ensure they are in good shape before attaching valuable things. Otherwise, your items could fall and get damaged, you can lose them, and so on.

Keep things apart

When using your daisy chains, make sure you put your things apart. Otherwise, they might bump into one another and cause damage, or they can create a ton of noise and cause wild animals to be attracted to your hiking trail. So, you should do your best to evenly distribute your gear and other objects over all chains on your backpack.

Use extra support

When you use the daisy chain to hold heavier items, you will need extra support, so the chain does not break or rip. The carrying capacity of all chains is different, so you should be careful. If you plan on adding heavy things to the backpack, use ropes or carabines to avoid damaging the daisy chain.

Use safety packs

Some people use the chain for valuable things. If you do not want to damage those valuable things, you will need to use some safety packs or external pockets to store the items. You can attach the pocket to the backpack using a carabiner or rope or by connecting it directly to the daisy chain.

Keep the backpack still

Hiking backpacks are not prone to damage, but when you have things attached to the outside, you should be more careful about how you use them. For example, keep them as still as possible to avoid the outside packs bumping into one another. That can cause damage to both the items and your backpack. So, to be on the safe side, keep the backpack still while you are wearing it.

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Why Is It Good to Have Daisy Chain on a Backpack?

Let's say that you are thinking about getting a backpack but do not know why it is good to have daisy chains on it. I can tell you more about why daisy chains are one of the most convenient things for all kinds of trips.

After reading these reasons, you might consider getting a backpack with such chains and using them whenever possible. Let's look into those reasons and see what you need to know about them:

Distribute weight evenly

One of the reasons you need a daisy chain is that it can help you distribute the weight. If you have a ton of gear but do not have enough space in your backpack, you can attach it to both sides of the pack. With that, you will be able to carry your things around and not worry that you will feel back pain - just make sure you have the same amount of weight on both sides.

Ease of access

I also love having daisy chains because they allow me to access everything I need easily. If there are no side pockets for my water bottles, I can attach them to the chain! If I need a drinking cup or trekking poles to be close, I can add them to the outside of the pack with the chain. You can use the chain for everything and anything you need to keep close by.

More carrying capacity

The carrying capacity of your pack will be doubled if you use your daisy chains. The chains can hold extra gear, wet clothing, dry clothing, poles, and even sleeping mats or tents. Whatever does not fit in your pack, just let it sit on the outside using one or two loops of your daisy chain.

Once you start using the chains, you will see that they are almost irreplaceable. They are so convenient that you will never go back to using only the inside pockets of the pack!

Helpful Tips on What to Use Daisy Chains For

If you read all sections of this guide, you should know what to attach to your daisy chain. Still, I want to share a few more words on this topic to help you get a clearer idea of all the things you can use these chains for. Let's get right into the list:

Wet gear

If you have damp gear, use the chain to keep it away from your dry gear. You can attach anything to the chain - from wet socks to shirts, jackets, and even wet mats that you place on the ground throughout the night.

Larger gear

Larger pieces of gear could take up much of the space in your bag. So, you will be better off attaching them to the outside of the pack. That way, you can use the inside for other things and still have the larger items secured and close to you.


Some clothing items are also quite bulky, so you will better attach them to your bag using daisy chains. Imagine having an oversized winter jacket you throw on and off all the time. It will be better to attach it to the chain instead of constantly putting it in and out of the bag.

Food and drinks

Most bags come with separate pockets for bottles located on the outside and on both sides of the bag. If you have other things that occupy those pockets, or there are no such pockets in your bag, you can put your food and drink in bottles and containers and attach them to one or two loops of the chain.


If you have a smaller bag, it might not be that suitable for longer trips when you need to carry lots of things. Using a daisy chain, you can always add pouches to the outside of your bag. In most outdoor stores and on the internet, you can find pouches of all types and sizes, so you should be able to find ones that will fit your need perfectly.


Finally, the chain is great for holding various utensils you need for your trip. You can use the loops to secure your cups and pots, a flashlight, sunscreen, and everything else you want to carry on your journey. You can attach a tent, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags to the chain if you need to. These things are quite bulky, so it is better to have them on the outside of the bag rather than the inside.


Thank you for reading this guide on all things daisy chains! I hope you learned a lot about these chains, what they are, why you need them, and how to use them.

If you have any questions or comments, you would like to share with me and the other readers, do not hesitate to put them in the comments section below. I will make sure to read them as soon as possible!

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