Are Palladium Boots Good for Hiking?

Finding the perfect hiking boots can take time and effort. There are many things to think about - the height, the material, the sole, and all other needed properties. With so many companies making great hiking boots, finding the perfect ones could be even more challenging.

I am here to help you make the best decision while introducing you to one of my favorite hiking shoe brands - Palladium!

So, are Palladium boots good for hiking, and what makes them stand out compared to other boots? You can learn all about that if you read this guide. So, let's get right into it and find out everything that makes Palladium boots special!


are palladium boots good for hiking

Can You Hike in Palladium Boots?

Palladium boots can be the perfect choice for your next hiking journey. Because they have many excellent properties, you want to get them from your hiking shoes.

Suppose you are considering getting a new pair of Palladiums. In that case, you will need to look into their properties before making your final decision. The company offers fantastic footwear, but some is more suitable for hiking than other pairs.

So, to help you make a great choice when getting a pair of Palladiums, I want to point out the features you should be looking for. Let's get right into the list:

Comfort level

Palladium boots are very comfortable, thanks to the materials used in the making. They are great for almost any hiking trail and could make your hiking journey more pleasant than expected. Those who have tried a pair of shoes from this company swear by them because they are so comfortable.

Shock absorbent sole

Most palladium boots come with rubber soles that are amazing for walking on tough terrain. Their rubber soles are comfortable, durable, shock absorbent, protective, and offer good traction. Some small rocks can get between the cut-outs on the rubber sole, but they are usually not a big problem.

Covered toe cap

If you want to visit a hiking trail known for the tough terrain, you will need protective shoes with a covered toe cap. Most palladium boots have such a toe cap, so they are perfectly suitable for tough terrains. You will be able to hike without worrying about injuring your feet.

Water resistance

Even though not all their shoes have this feature, most palladium boots come with excellent water resistance, making them perfect for hiking in bad weather. If you want to start hiking in the cold winter, consider getting a new pair of Palladiums!

Soft padding

Those who have tried Palladium boots say that the inside is covered with soft, comfy padding, making the shoes great for any trip. The padding might compromise the breathability, but some of the company's boots have both features.

Good ankle support

Good ankle support is essential, especially when hiking on tough terrains. It would help if you looked into ankle-high palladiums or even the higher models because the support will not be as good on low-ankle palladiums.


Aside from all their great features, one of the best things about palladium boots is that they are very lightweight. While wearing them, you will have no problem walking on any terrain, even for hours.

Great design

Palladium boots are known for their fantastic design and unique look. It is excellent to have comfortable boots with many features, but it is even better when your shoes are stylish and turn heads!


Palladium offers low-ankle palladiums, ankle-high palladiums, sneakers, slides, sandals, vegan, recycled, waterproof, adjustable, canvas, nylon, leather, cotton, polyester, and other types of shoes. Whatever kind of shoe you want to get, Palladium will have it!

Affordable prices

The price of Palladium boots is something that no other boot can replace. For an affordable price, you will get boots with good traction, durable and shock-absorbent rubber soles, a comfortable upper, and a great look. Palladium boots are a wise investment no matter how you put it, so make sure you try them out as soon as you can!

Are Palladium Boots Waterproof?

Considering the many types of boots this company offers, you can also find water-resistant ones. Waterproof palladiums are an excellent choice for winter trips or regular trips in bad weather. They will keep your feet dry while also making you feel comfortable.

If you decide to get a pair of water-resistant palladium boots, there are a few things you will need to consider. First, the material's thickness will make the shoes less breathable. That means your feet will get sweaty, which might make you uncomfortable.

Then, the material will be so thick that it will contribute to the boots' weight. Instead of getting lightweight boots, you will get ones that feel quite heavy and tire your feet.

So, waterproof palladiums are an excellent choice for autumn and winter trips when you expect to encounter bad weather. Otherwise, there might be better choices than these waterproof palladiums for you.

Are Palladium Boots Waterproof

Are Palladium Boots Breathable?

The breathability of palladium boots depends on the material used in the making. So, you can expect some of their hiking boots to be more breathable than others.

If you look into the boots, you will notice that most of them are divided into canvas palladiums and leather. Because of the material's properties, canvas boots are generally more breathable than leather boots. Also, you can count on summer canvas boots being more breathable than winter boots.

Winter boots have more insulation, considering they need to be suitable for cold weather. That means that the breathability will be compromised on winter boots, but it will be better on hiking boots for hot weather.

So, canvas palladiums for summer have excellent breathability and can be worn on various trails. As for winter, you will better get special hiking boots with better breathability.

Are Palladium Boots Breathable


After reading this guide, what do you think - are Palladium boots good for hiking? I would say that they are suitable for easier, less demanding hikes. They come with many great features you will love after using these boots.

If you have any previous experience with Palladium boots, do not hesitate to tell me more about it. Share your stories in the comments below, and I will read them as soon as possible!

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