Are Military Boots Good For Hiking?

Hiking is a great activity that everyone should take up at some point in their life. It is somewhat of an expensive sport that requires special gear, but in the beginning, you can use alternatives to get by. If you do not have traditional hiking boots, you might be wondering if you can use some other types of boots.

Many of you might be wondering if military boots are suitable for hiking, and I am here to tell you that they are an ideal alternative to traditional hiking shoes. If you happen to have combat boots, military boots, tactical boots, jungle boots, or any other type of boots like these, you can take them on your hiking trip for sure!

Today’s guide will tell you more about the similarities and differences between military and hiking shoes. By the end of the guide, you will know everything about these two types of boots. I hope that the information will help you decide what kind of boots you want to take with you on your next hike!


Hiking Boots vs. Military Combat Boots

Hiking boots and military combat boots are both great types of boots for hiking. Even though there are certain differences between them, they are still similar in many ways. Especially when it comes to military boots – they have a lot of great qualities that you would also find in regular hiking boots!

One of the similarities between these two types of boots is the materials used. Usually, these materials are sturdy and waterproof. They are also durable and thick enough so that they can keep your feet warm at all times.

Both hiking and military combat boots can have a high cut. I would recommend this type of boot for hiking because it can offer you ankle support and prevent injuries at the same time. Everything from the sturdy exterior to the quality materials makes these boots ideal for all hiking trails.

Yet, there are certain differences between them that you should know about. For example, hiking boots are known to be less durable. If they are low-cut or mid-cut, they will also not offer enough protection to the leg muscles and ankle, leading to an ankle injury.

In comparison, military boots offer way more securing and support to the leg. They are more durable, flexible, versatile, but they are also quite heavy. If you are already carrying heavy loads on your back, you do not want your shoes to add to that.

As you can see, there are pretty many things to consider when deciding between hiking and military boots. The decision will be based on your preferences, depending on what you are looking to get from your shoes.

I would recommend that you take your time with the decision, do your research, and even spend a bit more money to get something of good quality. You can visit a specialty store and have someone advise you or give you recommendations on which pair you should get.

If you want to make the decision yourself, that is great! I will help you out by telling you more information about the two types of shoes in the upcoming sections. So, keep on reading to learn all about them!

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What Should I Look For in Hiking Boots?

I assume that choosing the perfect hiking boots can be quite an adventure for you, considering how many things you have to think about. You can choose the materials, the manufacturer, the height and weight, the crampon capability, and many other things.

First, you have to choose between the traditional low-cut models, the mid-cut, and the high-cut models. If you are looking for day hiking boots only, you can go with the low-cut ones. For more serious trails and rough terrain, I recommend the mid and high-cut models. They will also provide you with better ankle support.

They are moving on to the materials! It would help if you always went with a pair of shoes with a thick sole that is shock absorbent and slip-resistant. This type of sole might add more weight to the shoe, but your feet will stay protected at all times!

As for the other part of the shoe, I recommend getting a shoe with a hard exterior but an easy grip. That way, you will protect your feet even from extreme conditions. The rugged appearance might not be your thing, but it is something you want to have on a hiking boot.

The good thing is that both hiking shoes are designed, so manufacturers use the best materials available. You will get a light, quick-drying shoe that will feel comfortable and keep your feet dry and warm. What else would you want from a pair of hiking shoes?!

What Should I Look For in Military Boots?

I have already established that you can wear combat boots on a hiking trip. Whether you have a pair of traditional combat boots or some other type, you can also take them on any hiking trail. Still, there are some things to take into consideration.

Often, people think that military boots should be worn only by military personnel or someone working in law enforcement. This is not exactly true – many hikers buy military boots for hiking! The only thing that you need to look for is that the boots are a perfect fit and broken in before going on a hike.

If you wear your military boots on a trail without breaking them in, you might get a lot of blisters. Even if they are broken in, I recommend wearing hiking socks so that you can protect your feet as much as possible. The good news is that once you break your boots in, they will feel more comfortable than anything else.

Aside from that, I recommend that you go for a pair of boots that are durable, stable, and offer good ankle support. It would help if you had boots with Vibram soles that will not slip and feel comfortable even on uneven surfaces. If you find a pair of boots with Eva midsole, that would be even better!

Most military boots have good water-resistance as well as shock absorption. They are made from durable materials and have good internal support. If you can find all this combined into one pair of boots, you will find yourself hiking in the combat boots for decades without any problem!

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Why Combat Boots Aren’t Good For Hiking

As I have mentioned before, combat boots are a good choice for hiking. They might not be as suitable as the specialty hiking boots, but they still have a lot of great features that you can enjoy.

I have talked about the benefits you can get from hiking in combat boots – the good ankle support, the durability and stability, the comfort they offer, and so on. Next, I want to talk about the reasons why combat boots might not be that good for hiking!

First of all, some people have reported problems with the comfort of the shoe. Since these are not special hiking shoes, their soles are not flexible and do not offer much internal foot support. When hiking long trails, you might find that your feet start hurting sooner than you would want to.

These boots also take a lot longer to break in. This means that you have to wear them for at least a couple of weeks before taking them to the trails. Otherwise, they will hurt your feet and leave them with a lot of blisters.

Another negative side to combat boots is the weight. These boots are not made from lightweight materials but from sturdy materials that can weigh a lot more. They are not easy to pack because they take up a lot of space. At the same time, when you wear them, they can cause your feet to feel tired.

Military or combat boots are also quite warm on the inside. This is great for winter hikes, but not that good for summer hikes. They will leave your feet sweaty and uncomfortable.

To sum up, the biggest problem with combat boots is that they are not meant for longer trails or long-distance walking. They are not as effective as hiking boots, so if you plan to hike often, you should invest in a pair of good hiking boots. If you plan on going on more short trips, you can take the best military boots available to you.


Combat boots are an amazing choice for hikers. Such boots offer weather resistance, more support, a better grip when walking, as well as a good amount of comfort. Even though I recommend hiking in special hiking shoes, you can also use these boots if you do not have anything else available to you.

I would love to hear all about your experience with hiking - whether it is in hiking shoes or combat boots, you can tell me in the comments below. You sharing your experience can help others that are still wondering what type of boots they need. So, do not hesitate to share your honest opinion and help all beginner hikers out there!

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