How to Wash a Fuzzy North Face Jacket? [Explained]

North Face is one of the most famous outdoor gear companies worldwide. With dozens of stores across all continents, they have provided outdoor enthusiasts with unique gear for quite a while. Going strong for years and having a ton of quality products will do that to you!

One of their best products is their jackets. They have all kinds of jackets for men, women, and kids. Besides their many vests, fleeces, and other gear, you can find various types of jackets. I do not doubt that you will be able to find a jacket from this company that you will love, but you will also have to know how to wash it when it gets dirty!

This is what I will dedicate today’s guide to – washing a fuzzy north face jacket. You can do it either by machine or hand, with the proper detergent and wash cycle. If you follow the steps of this guide, you will make your jacket spotless without any problem. So, stick around and read the detailed guide!


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How to Wash a Fuzzy North Face Jacket [Step-By-Step Guide]

The fuzzy fleeces from North Face are the best. There is no better jacket as they can keep you warm and comfortable while wearing them. Even though they do not get dirty that quickly, you will need to wash them at some point. When that time comes, I want you to know exactly what you are doing. Doing the wrong thing can lead to irreparable damage to the jacket!

So, I will give you a step-by-step guide that you can follow whenever you need to wash your jacket. If you follow my advice, I do not doubt that you will have a great experience washing the jacket. So, let’s get right into the guide and learn how to wash a fuzzy North Face jacket!

Step 1 – Zip up the pockets

The fleece or fuzzy jackets are quite simple – they do not come with many attachments, pockets, etc. Still, I would like to point out that you need to zip the entire jacket up, including its pockets. This will protect the inside of the pocket from tearing during the washing.

Another thing I would recommend is that you turn the jacket inside out when washing it. Feel free to wash it without turning it inside out if you have the proper detergent for washing a fuzzy jacket. This is an excellent precautionary measure if you suspect that the detergent is too strong for the jacket and may damage it.

If there are any parts of the jacket you can detach, you can also do that. Even though fleece jackets do not usually come with attachments, it is a good idea to check and be safe.

Step 2 – Put the fleece in the machine

After zipping up the jacket, you need to prepare the washing machine for it. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the machine is set on a delicate cycle. If it is not, your jacket might get damaged during the washing from the hot temperature or the tumbling. A gentle or delicate cycle is what is recommended in this case.

Another thing I like to mention is that you should use a front loading washing machine. Top-loading machines are not recommended for this type of jacket, so you should stir clear from them.

If you do not have a front loading machine, it is better to wash the jacket by hand than using a top-loading machine. Hand washing is more time-consuming, but at least your jacket will not get damaged in the process.

Step 3 – Set water temperature

Even though this is sometimes regulated by the cycle, some machines allow you to set your preferred water temperature. When washing fleece or fuzzy jackets, you need to use cold to mildly warm water. Under no circumstance should you use hot water, so keep that in mind.

Too much heat can lead to damage to the jacket. Since fleece jackets are gentle as it is, you do not need to do too much to clean them. To be sure, you should always check the label on the garment or go on the company’s website and see their washing recommendations. They will serve as guidelines that you can follow if you do not know what to do.

Step 4 – Use proper detergent

When washing a fleece or fuzzy jacket, you need to use a particular type of detergent. That is mild powder detergent. If you can find a detergent that does not have many chemicals, that would be best.

There are various types of mild detergents on the market, but some are designed to be used with fleece jackets. I recommend that you look into them. If you go with something stronger, you may find damage or detergent residue on the jacket after washing it.

While on the topic, I want to add that you do not need to use any fabric softeners. This is because fabric softeners tend to be strong in nature. When it comes to fuzzy jackets, you can leave the softener out.

Step 5 – Dry the jacket as needed

After washing the jacket, check to see if you need to put it on an extra spin cycle. If not, then you can leave it to dry. You can either leave it in the sun or use a tumble drier to dry it. If you decide to go with tumble drying, you should put some clean tennis balls with the jacket.

Tumble drying is not always advisable, but it is the better option in this case. The clean tennis balls will help with dividing the filling in the jacket. It will make it fluffier and will allow you to dry it faster.

When drying the fuzzy jacket, remember not to put the drier on high heat. Go with mild heat to be safe!

Step 6 – Consider washing the jacket by hand

Again, I want to mention that you can always wash the jacket by hand. If you have only top-loading machines at your disposal, it is better that you wash the jacket by hand.

In that case, stick to the mild detergent and the warm water. There is no need to use softener, but you should rinse the jacket well to not have any detergent residue. After washing the jacket, remove excess water and leave the jacket to dry. You will find that the jacket dries very fast if there is no excess water on it.

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