How to Clean a North Face Jacket? – Stick Around For This Guide

A good jacket that you can take on all your outdoor trips is necessary for hikers and campers. Staying protected during your trips will ensure your trip will be a success. So, it is a brilliant idea to invest in a high-quality jacket that is also durable but lightweight, waterproof, and breathable.

If you want to find a jacket that has all these properties and many more, you should look into North Face. This well-known company produces all types of outdoor gear, including quality jackets. They might come at a high price that not everyone can afford, but the premium quality justifies the price.

If you decide to get a jacket from North Face, you will need to take good care of it if you want it to last you for years. That means the jacket needs proper cleaning, washing, and drying, which takes some knowledge and skill. If you want to learn how to clean your North Face jacket without any problem, stick around for this guide!


How to Clean a North Face Jacket

How to Clean Your North Face Jacket? - Step-By-Step

Cleaning a jacket from North Face is by no means difficult. The thing that you should remember is how to clean the jacket. If you do not take proper care of it, its quality might deteriorate faster than expected.

It is also worth noting that regular cleaning is a must. Whenever you wear the jacket on a trip, inspect it and see if you need to clean it. It is safe to clean it at least once per month when you wear it often and once every few months when you do not wear it that often.

With all this information in mind, I want to take you right into the step-by-step guide I have created for you. If you follow my instructions, you will not have any problem making your jacket spotless. If you are ready, let's get right into the guide!

Step 1 – Prepare the jacket for cleaning

Since North Face offers a variety of jackets, it is safe to say that they all have specific cleaning needs. Some you can clean only with certain types of detergent, while others should never be hand washed. To be safe, I recommend you check the company's instructions and ensure you follow them when cleaning your jacket.

After you check the instructions, you can start preparing the jacket for cleaning. All you need to do is check if there is anything in the jacket pockets. Remove all remaining things and dirt that might have gotten into them. Then, unzip, untie, and open all pockets and openings on the jacket to ensure every part of it will be ready for cleaning.

Once you go over every part of this step, you can move on to the next one, which is all about the actual washing of the jacket.

Step 2 – Set your washing machine

Most jackets from North Face cannot be hand washed, so I suggest you always use machine washing as it is the safest option. Another note I would like to make is that you should wash such jackets alone. This means you cannot add any other clothes for that specific washing cycle.

It is also essential to have a front-loading washing machine. The top-loading washing machine is not safe for washing such outdoor jackets. Use a front loading washer on the proper washing cycle to ensure nothing bad happens to your jacket.

The washing cycle should be gentle, with warm water and some mild powder detergent. Refrain from using detergents that contain harsh chemicals while also avoiding using fabric softeners. You only need mild detergent and warm water to wash your jacket.

After you set your washing machine according to the instructions, you can put the jacket in and start the washing cycle. Wait for the cycle to be over before you check the state of the jacket. If you find that it is too soaked, add an extra rinse or extra spin cycle to better the jacket's condition and remove the excess water.

Step 3 – Decide on the drying technique

As soon as you finish washing the jacket, you will need to move on to dry it. As mentioned before, you can air dry it or put it in a drying machine. Whether you have a drying machine available, you can choose whatever option you like better.

If you decide to air dry the jacket, you must hang it upside down so the excess water can drip down without any problem. It will still take a few hours for the jacket to dry, depending on whether you leave it outside in warm weather or not. Make sure the jacket is completely dry before you store it.

As for drying the jacket with a drying machine, you need to know how to set the machine. It would help if you used medium heat to dry the jacket, or you might cause deterioration in some of the layers. Also, set the machine to a longer drying cycle.

After you put the jacket in the machine, throw in a few tennis balls. These will prove helpful in making the jacket stay fluffy. The balls will prevent lumps from forming in the jacket.

Let the jacket dry for as long as needed before you store it away.

Step 4 – Store the jacket

After cleaning the jacket, ensure it stays clean by storing it immediately. The best option is to leave it on a coat hanger and in your wardrobe. You can also add a garment bag so it will not be affected by dust or bugs.

If you cannot store it on a hanger, fold it well and place it in a dry closet where the sun cannot reach it. That way, the sun will not affect the colors and cause them to fade, whereas the jacket will stay clean and ready for a new outdoor adventure.

washing north face jacket

Can You Wash a North Face Jacket in the Washing Machine?

It would be best if you considered washing all jackets from this company in a washing machine as this is a safer option than hand washing. Still, to be on the safe side, read the instructions provided by the company for your specific type of jacket.

If the instructions note that hand washing is advisable, you can go with hand washing. If they recommend machine washing, please use a front-loading washer with the settings mentioned above unless noted otherwise by the company. Refrain from using a top-loading washing machine when washing this type of jacket.

Can You Put North Face Jackets in the Dryer?

You can always use a drying machine to dry your North Face jacket after washing it. Unless the company notes otherwise for your specific type of jacket, it will be safe to use a dryer. Still, check the instructions before using any type of machine.

Also, as mentioned in the step-by-step guide, you will need to set the dryer to the proper setting to avoid damaging the jacket. The outdoor jackets, especially waterproof ones, have delicate layering that needs proper care. The waterproof layer can completely deteriorate if you do not take adequate care.

That will leave the jacket in a bad state, especially if you are drying a jacket for winter outdoor trips. The waterproof layer is necessary in that case, so you must ensure you are following the right steps not to compromise it.

How Do You Wash a North Face Jacket and Keep It Soft?

When washing North Face jackets, using fabric softeners is not advisable. You should clean the jacket fabric only with regular detergent. So, such softeners cannot help keep your jacket soft.

Instead, you should wash the jacket and dry it according to the guidelines above. If you do that, the jacket will be spotless and as soft as they come. If there is any fluff in the jacket, make sure you take proper care of it to bring the softness of the entire jacket to another level.

As you can see, taking care of a North Face jacket is not that difficult. Only a few steps separate you from a clean, soft jacket. So, do not dread washing your jacket – do it as a way to prolong its lifespan. If you do that, you will not need to invest in a new jacket for years or even decades!


Thank you for sticking with me through this guide on how to clean your North Face jacket and keep it in top shape for years. Remember that a gentle washing cycle with warm water and mild powder detergent is necessary when machine washing your jacket. As for the drying, you can choose between air drying and machine drying.

Do you know any cleaning methods for this type of jacket that you would like to share with the other readers and me? If you do, please share them in the comment section below, and I will make sure to read them as soon as possible!

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