How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable

Camping is a great family experience, but as you get older the havoc it wreaks on your body increases.

If you thought your back was bad normally, just wait until day 3 of sleeping on the hard ground while your kids whine about being cold.

Luckily there are some easy ways to make your camping experience more comfortable, without having to spend a fortune.

Follow our easy tips for a restful sleep and an enjoyable experience.

Double Height Inflatable Mattress

Everyone who has ever camped knows how uncomfortable it is to lie on a roll mat on the ground. It is a rough night’s sleep and doing this for a prolonged period can lead to grumpiness and an unpleasant camping experience.

There are many styles of inflatable mattresses available, most of which are highly suitable for camping. If you are spending a few nights camping, it is worth investing in a good quality inflatable mattress. They take up slightly more space and are a little inconvenient to inflate, but will increase your comfort levels exponentially.

A double-height inflatable mattress will give you a similar feeling to lying on an actual bed. More air will remain inside the mattress for longer and this means that your comfort level will be increased. We recommend reading customer reviews to decide which mattress is best suited to you. 

Foam Floor Tiles

This is an easy way to make your floor warmer and more comfortable. By laying down foam floor tiles you provide an additional layer of insulation, locking in the heat.

This also makes the interior of your tent appear brighter and more colorful. 

Invest in a Decent Cooler

If you are camping in the summer there is nothing worse than pulling a warm beer out of your cooler to drink.

Investing in a decent cooler will keep your food and drinks cold for an extended time - some can even keep ice intact for days at a time! 

A good manufacturer is Yeti. Again, do your research and explore your options prior to purchase. 

Blow Up Chairs

Camping chairs are notoriously uncomfortable and can make socializing a chore. Consider purchasing an inflatable chair. These can pack away into a small space and are incredibly comfortable to rest upon. 

This is a particularly useful item to bring camping, particularly if your campsite does not have a picnic area or if you plan to spend time sitting outside your tent in the evenings.

They can be inflated and deflated as needed to accommodate for space and usage requirements.

Bring Bedding

This may seem like overkill, but trust us it makes a massive difference. Many people will just opt for a sleeping bag, but you will be much warmer and more comfortable during the night if you bring actual bedding. 

This is a particularly good idea if you are sleeping on an air mattress. Choose a sheet that will fit snugly around the mattress for ease of use. Add some pillows and blankets for extra comfort and you are in for a great night’s sleep. 

Insulated Mugs

These are a great item to bring on your camping trip. Thermoses, flasks, and insulated mugs will all help to keep hot drinks hot and cool items cold, no matter the external temperature. 

This is ideal for people who hike a lot or just enjoy having a warm drink at night without having to boil the water. These are often fairly cheap to buy and will become one of your favorite camping belongings. 


A morning coffee is vital to most people in the modern world. If you are a real coffee aficionado, we recommend bringing a cafetiere with you on your camping expedition. It takes up no extra space and the difference in coffee quality is immeasurable. 

They are relatively cheap to buy and easy to operate. Bring along some milk, sugar, spoons, and mugs to complete your coffee experience. There is nothing a good, steaming, cup of joe can’t fix. 

Rig Up 2 Tarps

Installing a tarpaulin above and below your tent will ensure you stay dry and will help to keep in the warmth.

The additional layer of protection will prevent water from entering the tent and getting you wet. It may seem like extra hassle, but trust us, it’s worth it. 

Wear an Eye Mask and Earplugs at Night

These are useful suggestions to improve your camping experience. On a campsite, it is likely that there will be plenty of noisy camp mates who may disrupt your sleep. If you are wild camping, there are many animals that awake and make noises early in the morning. 

If you want to get a decent amount of sleep, earplugs will reduce the level of noise you hear. This will likely allow you to sleep for longer.

In the same manner, wearing an eye mask will mean that less of the dawn light gets into your eyes. This serves the same purpose as a blackout curtain. 

Place a Reflective Blanket on Top of Your Tent

This is a particularly good idea for the summer or for camping in a hot climate. Place a reflective blanket (with the reflective side up) on the top of your tent.

This will reflect the sun’s rays and means that your tent will not absorb as much heat. This makes the interior much cooler and more comfortable.

Shoe Basket by the Entrance

Dirt and mud are not things that you want to be tracking throughout your tent. We recommend placing a basket or bag near to the tent’s entrance.

You can place all of your dirty shoes in here before walking into the main tent area, ensuring that the floor remains clean. 

Pitch on a Flat Surface

You should pay close attention to the surface that you are pitching your tent on. It should be flat and not too close to a water source, particularly if rain is forecast.

If you are pitching on a campsite, pay attention to the facilities on offer.

Andrew Mullen

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