How to Hang a Hammock without Damaging Tree?

Hammocks are a clear must-have for any kind of trip. They are the perfect alternative for day trips if you do not want to sit on the ground. You can use them for comfortable sitting or sleeping in when hammock camping. Sleeping in a hammock comes with many benefits, so you must consider taking one with you.

But then again, you need to know how to hang the hammock. Some hammock ropes or straps can damage the tree and cause it to die. Since you need to avoid this, you need to know which are the perfect straps and how to use them without damaging trees. Luckily, this guide will tell you all about it!

To learn more about the best hanging practices for all types of hammocks, stick around for the duration of this guide. All your questions on the topic will be answered by the end!


How to Hang Hammock Without Harm Trees

Does Hanging Hammocks Damage the Trees?

Yes, hanging a hammock can damage a tree. This does not mean that hammocks generally damage trees – only that certain hanging practices may cause the mentioned damage. So, let’s look into this a bit more.

Some hammocks come with hanging ropes included in the price. Companies do not tell you that these ropes can damage the tree bark and cause the tree to die. That is most likely to happen if you hang your hammock and leave it like that for months.

If your hammock comes without ropes or you want to keep the hammock up without damaging the tree, you will need to get quality hammock straps. These are wider and do not wrap tightly around the tree. So, even if you keep them around the tree, they are not likely to damage it.

You can do other things to hang your hammock without causing any damage to the trees. You should learn more about this as damaging trees is not acceptable. We need trees to breathe, to seek shelter from the warm sun. If we were to allow the tree to die, it would take years for it to renew, if that happens at all.

So, be mindful of these things. Listed below are alternatives to the harmful hammock ropes. So, make sure that you read the information!

What Is the Best Way to Attach a Hammock to a Tree Without Damaging It?

There are several ways to hang a hammock without damaging the trees. If you plan to hang the hammock on a short hiking or camping trip, you can use a hammock strap or rope to secure it. But there are other alternatives when it comes to hanging hammocks for longer.

Suppose you want a permanent hammock set up in your garden or backyard. In that case, you should consider using screws, hammock posts, or a hammock stand. The posts and stand are the same – you find posts as tall as you need them and use them instead of trees.

As for the screws, many people mistakenly think that they damage trees when they do not! If you put some eye screws on the tree, the tree will start growing around them and will accept them as part of the trunk.

The only thing to think about is the make of the screws. You should use stainless steel screws that will not rust. That way, you will be able to use them for years without needing to remove or replace them! What’s more, you will be able to reuse the screws whenever you want to hang the hammock.

So remember this – hammock posts, stand, or screws are the best option for long-term hanging. Hammock straps and ropes are good if you want to hang the hammock only for an hour or two.

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How Do Hammock Tree Straps Work?

Hammock tree straps are the simplest hanging method - you can wrap them around a tree, make a loop, and use a carabiner to attach the hammock to the strap. You will not need to make any complicated knots or anything like that. Once you get the hang of the setting, you will be able to assemble and disassemble the hammock within minutes!

These straps are the perfect alternative to the ropes. You should look for ones made of quality materials, with durable webbing, or even double or triple stitching. They should be long but adjustable, versatile, and secure. The wider the strap is, the better you will be able to distribute the weight of those staying in the hammock.

Using these straps, you can assemble the hammock and use it for hours or days. But remember – you should not attach two or more hammocks to the same trees even if you have quality straps. Two trees can hold one hammock, while you should find another pair of trees to use for the second one.

What Are the Best Hammock Straps?

If you have read thus far, you must have noticed that tree straps are essential. It is not enough to have a pair of straps. They should also be high-quality, durable straps that are eco-friendly and will not damage the trees you wrap them around. If you are on the market for straps like this, I would like to suggest one option.

The MalloMe Hammock Straps are my favorite. If you look them up online, you will be overwhelmed by all these straps' positive comments. These comments testify to the quality of the straps and their price.

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps - Hammock Tree Straps Set 2000+ LBS Heavy Duty 40 Loops & 100% No Stretch Suspension System Kit - Camping Hammock Accessories | 2 Carabiners | 12 Feet Black
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  • Fast & Easy To Hang Your Hammock: Setting up a hammock with MalloMe hammock hanging straps takes less than 1 minute! Setup and tear down is so easy with no complicated knots to learn. MalloMe Hammock...
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Currently listed at less than $20, which is more than a reasonable price, the MalloMe straps are a great choice even for people who are on a tighter budget. You can choose between two options – the first one allows 500lbs per strap, while the second allows 1000lbs per strap. Depending on the size of your hammock and the allowed weight, you can choose which ones you want to get.

Then, you can also choose between the blue and black options. When purchasing the straps, you will get two straps and two carabiners. The price includes a convenient bag that you can use to store both the straps and carabiners for your trips.

But you might be wondering what sets these straps aside above all other straps? It is easy – the quick setup, no-stretching comfort, adjustability, reliability, quality materials and webbing, triple stitching – all these things make the straps a perfect choice.

If you decide not to go with screws or hammock stands, I recommend that you look into these straps. Considering their length and quality, you will be able to use them on any kind of hammock and at any campsite. So, consider investing in them and see how amazing they are!


Thank you for sticking with me through this guide! Again, remember that you should not use any rope when hanging a hammock on a tree. It will be best to invest in a hammock stand or get quality hammock straps. If you have the chance, look into the suggested straps listed above.

If you have suggestions on good hammock straps, please share them in the comments below. I would also love to know more about your general experience using a hammock, so feel free to share your stories!

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