How Long Will Ice Last in a Yeti Cooler? [Read Here]

Yeti coolers are some of the most famous coolers on the market. This has been the case for years – ever since Yeti came out with their amazing, functional, and convenient designs, they have completely stolen the show. I do not doubt that everyone knows about these coolers and everyone wants to have at least one of them.

As someone who goes camping often, I have to agree with the fact that investing in a Yeti cooler is the best thing for you to do. Coolers like the Yeti Tundra Cooler will be your companion on all kinds of trips and will keep your frozen food frozen and your drinks as cool as possible. Let’s be honest – we all appreciate a cold drink after a long day of hiking!

No matter what kind of trip you are on or what season it is, you need a Yeti cooler by your side. Today, I will talk to you about these coolers, their features, and how to keep the ice in them for longer.

By the time you reach the end of this guide, you will know exactly what you need to do to get the most from your cooler. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!


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Tips & Tricks to Keep Ice Longer in Your Yeti Cooler

Even though Yeti coolers are amazing by themselves, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to have long ice retention. No matter if you are planning on putting food and drinks in the cooler or things like extra towels and ice cubes, you can use these tricks! So, let’s see what you should know before using a Yeti ice cooler for the first time!

Keep the cooler out of sunlight

This is an obvious tip – to have a chilled cooler, you need to keep it out of the sunlight. No matter if your cooler is a Yeti cooler or any other cooler, do not leave it in direct sunlight at any cost.

Leaving the cooler in the sun will make it warmer and the ice in it will melt faster. Even if you try adding more ice blocks or cubes, they will not last long in the sun. So, remember to keep the cooler either in the shade or in the water. Water tends to be cold, so it can help keep the cooler cold for longer.

Limit access to the cooler

Another obvious tip is to limit access to the cooler. By this, I mean that you should not allow people to open and close the cooler as they please. Tell them to take out whatever they think they would need for the time being and open the cooler again only if necessary.

If you limit cooler access, you will keep the cold inside the cooler and not allow warm air to enter. If the cold air inside gets mixed with some warmth, the ice will melt much faster. So, try to open the cooler only if needed and make sure you close it well each time you use it!

Pre-chill the cooler

Instead of filling the cooler right before you leave for a trip, try pre-chilling the cooler at least a few hours before heading out. By this, I mean that you should put enough ice in the cooler to make it cold and leave the cooler like that.

In a few hours, the cooler will be ready for you and all your food and drinks. You can add the content and then add some more ice to keep the coldness in it. I guarantee that this method will help you keep the content as cool as possible for as long as possible!

Know the ideal ratio

As recommended by the company itself, Yeti coolers should have 1/3 content in them and 2/3 ice. This is the recommended ratio that will keep the content frozen longer than you would expect it to.

In Yeti coolers, ice retention is quite good as it is. When you go the extra mile and put as much ice in it as needed, you will find that the cooler works even better! Also, make sure that the ice you put in it is as cool as needed – significantly warm ice will not be as effective in this case!

Fill the cooler as much as possible

When it comes to both the Yeti hard cooler and the Yeti soft cooler, having dead space in them is a big no-no. The company recommends that you fill the cooler as much as possible, leaving no dead space at all. This will help the cooler keep everything cool without losing any of the coldness.

If you store food or drinks in the cooler and you see that there is a lot of space left, try filling it with something extra. You can add some frozen water bottles that you can use for a variety of reasons. If it is summer, you can also put in a towel that you will use to cool yourself down whenever needed!

Use dry ice if possible

Before you use dry ice in the cooler, check to see if your particular cooler is dry ice compatible. Some coolers should not be used with dry ice, so if you have one of those coolers, you should stick to warmer ice.

Still, keep in mind that dry ice is some of the coldest ice. This type of ice will make your cold drinks as cold as possible, and your frozen food will be frozen solid for as long as possible. Try mixing the dry ice with some larger ice cubes – that can be a good idea as well!

Use a mixture of block and cube ice

A lot of people say that using ice blocks or ice cubes by themselves is the best, but I do not agree with that. If you ask me, I love using a combination of the two. It makes my cooler cold. After all, twice the ice is always better than any other option!

Try the Yeti ice supplement

As a final note, I would like to point out that the Yeti ice supplement is very effective and you should try it out whenever you can. The best cooler works even better when you use the best supplement with it. Once you try it out, you will know what I am talking about!

Why Is My Yeti Cooler Not Keeping Ice

Why Is My Yeti Cooler Not Keeping Ice?

Even the best Yeti cooler can sometimes have a problem with keeping ice. You will find that this happens often with coolers that are older and have had a lot of usage for quite a while. The thing that happens is that the vacuum in the cooler is not what it used to be.

Any type of Yeti cooler will have thick insulated walls and construction that uses vacuum to keep the cooler air inside and not allow warmer air to enter. After some time, this vacuum insulation will start to give out.

You can use some of the tips and tricks listed above to try and make it better, but in most cases, you will need to replace your cooler completely. So, prepare yourself for the fact that sooner or later, you will need to replace the old cooler with a brand new one.

Does a Yeti Lose Effectiveness?

After using the Yeti cooler for a while, you might find that its effectiveness of it starts to fade. Nothing lasts forever, after all, but the Yeti cooler will give you a lot of good years before losing its effectiveness.

The Yeti coolers are the most durable among coolers currently available on the market. Even if they start showing signs of a decrease in effectiveness, you can use the tips and tricks above to keep them going for a while longer. Also, if you use and maintain them as you should, you should be able to increase their durability for a bit!

Do Yeti Coolers Keep Things Frozen?

All Yeti coolers can keep your things frozen! These coolers are great at making the ice last for long, so they will stay cool on the inside for days.

You can expect to get anywhere from 5 to 7 days of pristine coldness from most Yeti coolers. That means that all your drinks and food will be safe and sound. After those 5 to 7 days, you can add more ice to keep the cooler going!


Thank you for sticking with me through this guide! I hope you learned a lot of valuable information on yeti coolers, their ice retention properties, as well as how to keep the ice in the coolers for a long time.

The next time you head out on a trip, make sure that you follow the tips and tricks given above to hold the ice for longer and keep your contents cool and frozen. If you do everything as you should, you will keep the ice from melting and you will keep your things cool for days and days!

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