Are Hammocks Better Than Beds? [Quick Answers & Questions]

Whenever I go camping or hiking, I always look forward to the moment I can hang up my hammock and enjoy its comfort for a bit. I love my hammock so much that I even thought about replacing my bed with it. But then I asked myself – is my hammock better than a bed?

After thorough research, I have come up with a list of things that make hammocks better than beds. Still, hammocks have some disadvantages that you have to know before trading your regular bed for them. The decision of whether to use a hammock or bed will rest only on your preference!

I would love to tell you more about hammocks and what makes them so great even with all this. I will even compare them with beds to give you a closer look at their similarities and differences. So, if you want to learn more on the topic, I recommend that you keep reading!


Is It Safe to Use a Hammock As a Bed?

Not only is it safe to use a hammock as a bed, but it is also advisable in some cases. The shape of the hammock and the sleeping position it offers can have various benefits for you and your body. Let’s see what some of them are!

Body support

There are a ton of mattresses to choose from. Some have memory foam, and others have layers that promise comfort during sleep. But they do not offer that much support for your body if you look at it. It is the hammock that provides the most support!

You might be wondering why this is the case. Well, the shape of the hammock allows it to mold to your body. That will offer much more comfort and even better sleep! You will love sleeping in the hammock and feel quite comfortable doing so.

Body and mind relaxation

The gentle rocking of the hammock can also be quite amazing, especially if you lead a busy and stressful life. You will feel and sleep like a baby once the rocking starts. There is no doubt that the rocking motion helps reduce pressure.

Ideal sleeping position

Since the fabric of the hammock molds to your body, you will not be able to toss and turn during your sleep. This makes the hammock safer for you and your body since it keeps your body in the ideal sleeping position all night long. No memory foam bed will ever be able to do the same.

Sleep In a Hammock

Can You Sleep In a Hammock Every Day?

There is not enough research on the topic to show the advantages or disadvantages of sleeping in a hammock every day. Since there are so many advantages, I would conclude that sleeping in a hammock daily is something you should try out. If you see that it does not make things better for you, you can go back to your regular bed.

The best thing is to have a comfortable bed and a sleeping hammock that you can use interchangeably. An outdoor hammock is a great choice for warmer weather, but it can be challenging to stay warm in the hammock during the winter. You can choose to set the hammock up indoors if there is a possibility.

Whether you will use a bed or a hammock depends on your preference. You can and should use whatever gives you a good night’s rest!

Hammocks Advantages and Disadvantages Compared With Beds?

Let’s imagine this. You have never slept or even spent some time in a hammock. You know nothing about it, and all you know is sleeping in a regular bed. What do you need to know before the first time you spend a night in the hammock?

There are many things that we tend to overlook or even forget about sleeping and the things that we sleep on. Now, I would like to take a minute and show you some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of both beds and hammocks. Trust me, you might think you know them all, but there is a good chance you forget some key points!

Sleeping In a Hammock - Advantages

There are quite a lot of advantages that you can get from hammock sleeping. Even though I already mentioned some of them, I want to delve further into them and see what they are all about.

Fall asleep faster and achieve deep sleep

First of all, the comfort of the hammock can help you fall asleep faster. By that, I mean going into that deeper sleep that is restful and relaxing. You will be able to achieve REM sleep even the first time you use the hammock due to the sleeping position and the zero pressure point system.

No pressure sleeping

Second, let’s talk about this pressure system. When sleeping in the hammock, you do not have any pressure points that can cause tight muscles or back pain. You have equal pressure throughout the body, and as a result, you feel much more comfortable.

Helps with insomnia

Next, there are certain health benefits that hammocks can help you get. For example, those with severe insomnia or any other sleep disorder will finally get some comfortable sleep. Hammocks can cure insomnia by helping you stay in your most restful form all night long.

Gentle rocking

Another thing to keep in mind is the swaying of the hammock. Babies tend to need some rocking before falling asleep, which helps them fall asleep faster. The swaying will help engage your vestibular system, making you more comfortable and more relaxed.

No pillow needed

Yet another great thing about hammocks is that a slight rise at the ends helps your head stay in a good position. You will not need a pillow, but your neck and back will still feel comfortable throughout the night. How cool is that?!

So, all in all, I have to say that hammocks are great for curing both physical and psychological issues. After spending a few nights sleeping in a hammock, I do not doubt that you will feel all these benefits on your body and want to continue using the hammock.

Sleeping In a Hammock - Disadvantages

Aside from all the advantages, there are certain disadvantages that one has to take into consideration when deciding whether they want to sleep in a hammock or not. Let’s go into these disadvantages and see if they make a huge difference or not.

Not that spacious

One of the bad things about some hammocks is that they are not very spacious. There is the single or double hammock, the larger or smaller ones, but you have to be mindful of the type you need before you get one.

For example, if you plan to sleep in the hammock with a partner, you might not feel comfortable if the hammock is suitable only for one person.

Not suitable for stomach or side sleeping

If you tend to sleep on your stomach or your side, you will have difficulty finding a good sleeping position in the hammock. Its design allows you to sleep only on your back, but that is not that bad.

Sleeping on your back and relieve muscle tension as well as back pain, so all in all, trying to sleep on your back might not be the worst idea ever.

Sleeping In Beds - Advantages

Now that you know the main advantages and disadvantages of the hammock, I would like to share a few details about beds that you should know.

Easier to get in and out

One of the most significant advantages of beds is that they allow you to hop right in or out whenever you want. That is not something that I can say about hammocks, where you need to be very careful not to fall when you get in or out of it.

More spacious

Even though not all beds are the same length and width, there are some that you can use with a partner or a sibling. You can even design a bed to fit the length and width you want, which is always a good idea.

You can also have the entire bed to yourself and place pillows or blankets all around you. You cannot do the same in a hammock, so that is something to consider.

Various sleeping positions

Unlike the hammock that allows only one sleeping position, you can use the bed to sleep in any position you want. You can find a comfortable sleeping position that you enjoy, whether on your back, stomach, or either side. Finding the perfect position can help you sleep better, which is also something to keep in mind.

Sleeping In Beds – Disadvantages

There is no clear boundary between some advantages and disadvantages for beds. Whether you will consider something positive or negative depends on your preferences. You will see what I am talking about as you get into these disadvantages!

Improper sleeping position

As I mentioned, the bed offers you the ability to sleep in whatever position you like. This is not always a good thing because some positions can cause muscle tension and pain in the back and neck. You might not even be aware that you are sleeping in the wrong position until morning comes and you wake up.

So, having a controlled environment and sleeping in one position only might be better for you, especially if you want to reduce pressure in muscles and joints. All that tossing and turning never does anyone any good!

Difficulties with falling asleep

Even the most comfortable mattress and bed are not enough to help you fall asleep faster. You might not find a comfortable position, or there is something that distracts you. It can be anything around you that keeps you from sleeping, and that can cause pressure.

With hammocks, you have the gentle swaying that gets you in the mood for sleeping even when you do not want to fall asleep. So, if you have difficulties with falling asleep at night, you should try out the hammocks instead of your bed and see if they will help.

Dust mites

Finally, you have to be aware of house dust mites that might infect the mattress on your bed. If you notice that being around your bed causes you to sneeze or feel itchy, chances are you have these mites on the mattress. They might even be the cause of your headaches or insomnia, so make sure that you get rid of them as soon as possible!

Hammock vs Bed Comparison

After looking into all the advantages and disadvantages of both beds and hammocks, I would have to say that you should know quite a lot about them. Also, you should be aware of which one you want to use in the future.

To help you better understand the similarities and differences between the two, I want to give you a list of the most important points. Let’s get right into that list!

  • The hammock molds around your body, whereas the bed offers a flat surface that might not be as comfortable, especially if you have an uncomfortable mattress.
  • The hammock can help you fall asleep faster because of the comfortable sleeping position, whereas even a comfortable bed can cause you chronic sleeping problems.
  • The hammock can even help cure insomnia, whereas a regular bed cannot affect anyone.
  • The hammock has a zero pressure point system for sleeping, whereas the bed and the pressure it provides can cause back pain, tight muscles, severe insomnia, and so on.
  • The hammock’s rocking can help improve blood flow and circulation, whereas the bed does not have any similar health benefits.
  • The hammock can be set outside easily, whereas the bed is not that easy to set outside.

These are all valid points that you should consider when deciding if you want to go with a hammock or a bed. Especially if you are battling insomnia, back pain, or tight muscles, you need to try the hammock out as soon as possible. You will be amazed by how fast all pain will go away!

Still, this does not mean that the bed is something you should avoid. You can also get relaxing sleep and even achieve REM sleep from a bed. It comes down to your personal preferences in the end!

How to Sleep In a Hammock Properly?

The good thing about hammock sleeping is that it can offer you comfort, good sleep, as well as some health benefits. Who would not want to try sleeping in a hammock?!

If you want to sleep in a hammock the right way, you need to follow a few simple steps. First of all, you have to get a hammock. There are various types to consider – the Brazilian hammock, the Nicaraguan, Ecuadorian, Mayan hammock, and the regular camping hammock.

These hammocks have their advantages and disadvantages. I recommend the Brazilian one to those looking for a snuggly, tight, yet breathable hammock. But you have to look into the Mayan hammocks as well. They are perfect for warmer weather and are super comfortable.

Once you get the hammock, you need to set it up. It can be set on two trees in nature or use two poles in your room. No matter what you set it on, make sure it is tight enough to hold you throughout the night.

Then, you need to lay on the hammock and relax. That is it! The hammock does not allow you to turn sideways or sleep on your belly so that you can find the most restful form on your back.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not need a pillow for your head. With the design of the hammock, the ends of the hammocks are somewhat elevated so that your neck is comfortable without having any extra pressure.

Remember that the hammock's design and the gentle rocking motion can offer you a pleasant sleep. It can also lessen anxiety and give you a zero pressure point rest. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and your body, so try sleeping in a hammock as soon as possible!


That is everything you need to know about sleeping in a hammock instead of sleeping in a bed. There are so many advantages to sleeping in a hammock that I would love for you to give it a chance as soon as you can. Especially if you have an uncomfortable mattress – you can save money by not buying a new one and switching to a hammock instead!

With the comfortable sleeping position, the rocking and its particularly soothing action, the help for all physical and psychological issues that it offers, the hammock is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Trust me; you will never want to go back once you try it!

Andrew Mullen

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